Smart and TNT SOS Load - Send Texts Even When you Have Zero Balance

You can send SMS text, call, use data in Smart/TNT SOS load service even if you have zero balance on your prepaid account.
You can send important SMS using Smart and TNT SOS load service even if you have zero load or balance on your prepaid account.  No need for you to rush going to your nearest load retailer just to reload your mobile number during an emergency. With this service, you can loan or borrow load (4 SMS texts) that you can use to contact your love ones and friends on your Smart/TNT phone book.
This serves as emergency load to all subscribers nationwide that we can use during calamity and other situations where we desperately need to send text messages without regular load credits. In short, it is also called Utang.
Smart SOS load

How to use Smart/TNT SOS Text Load Service

Mechanics to avail Smart Communications and Talk N Text SOS load promo is quick and easy. Just dial the USSD code format provided for your reference.

Call or dial *767 to request up to 4 text messages.

Note: P4.00 will be deducted from your balance the next time you reload or top up your Smart prepaid account.

Call, text and internet SOS load
SOS loadDescriptionKeyword
All Out Surf 20150MB data, 20 min calls to Smart/Sun Cellular/TNT, Unlimited texts to all netwoks, Unli FB, 1 day validity for only Php24.00SOS(space)ALLOUT20 send to 7676
All Out Surf 30300MB data, 30 min calls to Smart/Sun Cellular/TNT, Unlitexts to all netwoks, Unlimited Facebook, 2 days validity for only Php36.00SOS(space)ALLOUT30 send to 7676
UCT 30Unli calls to Smart/Sun Cellular/TNT, Unlimited texts to all networks, 100MB DataSOS(space)UCT30 send to 7676
BIG79 SMS texts to Smart/TNT, 1 days validity for only 7 pesosSOS(space)BIG7 send to 7676
BIG1010 all-net texts plus 3 texts to Smart/Talk N Text, 1 days validity for only Php10.00SOS(space)BIG10 send to 7676
SURF1020 minutes browsing + P1 airtime, 1 hour validity for only 10 pesosSOS(space)SURF10 send to 7676

You can also dial *5623# to avail app exclusive SOS load like FB5 for Facebook access, COC5 for Clash of Clans, WAZE5 for WAZE app and UBER5 for Uber app data usage.