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January 2, 2019

Updated List of TNT Internet Promos for 2019

You might be searching for the latest Talk N Text internet promo this year for you to surf your favorite websites and apps. The good thing is we have here the complete list of offers for 2019 that you can subscribe that depends on your budget. You can start with their budget friendly price that is 2 pesos or go bigger data bundles that ranges from Php50.00 to 999.00 pesos. 
They also offer exclusive promo that lets you use trending apps like Facebook, Wechat, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, iFlix, Spinnr and more. Most of that cost you for only 10 pesos with up to 3 days validity. Of course, there’s a daily bandwidth limit implemented on all of the TNT internet promo offers.
TNT Internet promo

Complete List of Talk N Text Internet Promo 2018

We can start with their unlisurf offer called Surfmax that gives you non-stop internet surfing, but with daily capping of 800MB daily. You can still browse to the web after you fully consumed the allocated data but with a slower internet speed that may drop in 2G quality. Promo starts from 1 day, 7 days up to 30 days or 1-month validity. 

SURFMAX50 send to 4545 Php50.00 for 1 day surfing
SURFMAX299 send to 4545Php299.00 pesos for 7 days surfing
SURFMAX999 send to 4545Php999.00 pesos for 1-month internet surfing

For LTE offers you can check out the list of TNT LTE Promo

Next is the Gaansurf which known as a budget friendly internet promo. You can register to this offer for as low as 10 pesos up to Php150.00 with respective bandwidth inclusion on its price. It also includes app access to Mobile Legends, COC or Clash of Clans, Arena of Valor and other online gaming app.

GAANSURF5 send to 454515MB data for 1 day
GAANSURF10 send to 454550MB data + 100MB for YouTube, ML and FB valid for 1 day
GAANSURF15100MB + 100MB app access for 2 days
GAANSURF30300MB + 200MB app access for 5 days
GAANSURF50500MB + 200MB select apps valid for 7 days
GAANSURF1501.5GB + 750MB select apps valid for 30 days
GIGA501GB data, 300MB for streaming and unli all-net texts valid for 3 days

Last is the TNT Tropa Babad apps that lets you online on using app only. You have to install any of the mentioned apps you would like to use to connect to the internet. For as low as 5 pesos you can easily send chat messages, update status online and browse the latest news feed using your TNT prepaid SIM.

FB10 send to 4545unli Facebook for 3 days only 10 pesos
FB5 send to 5555unli FB access only 5 pesos valid for 1 day
FB2 send to 4545unli FB for 2 pesos good for 1 day
FB send to 211unlimited FB using Facebook Mobile App
TWITTER10 send to 4545unlimited Twitter app access for 3 days at P10
TWITTER5 send to 4545unli Twitter for 1 day only 5 pesos
TWITTER2 send to 4545unli Twitter, add on to selected TNT call and text promos
YOUTUBE10 send to 4545YouTube internet access 100MB/day for 10 pesos valid for 3 days
YOUTUBE5 send to 4545YouTube 100MB/day for 1 day at P5
GOOGLE5 send to 4545 Google surfing for 1 day only 5 pesos
GOOGLE10 send to 4545 Unli Google access for 3 days at P10
COC10 send to 4545unlimited Clash of Clans access for 10 pesos
COC5 send to 4545unli COC for 1 day only 5 pesos
WECHAT5 send to 4545 Unli Wechat app use for 5 pesos/day
WECHAT10 send to 4545 3 days unlimited Wechat only P10
VIBER10 send to 4545 Unli Viber for 3 days only 10 pesos
VIBER5 send to 4545unli Viber for 1 day only P5
WATTPAD5 send to 4545 1 day unlimited Wattpad app for 5 pesos
WATTPAD10 send to 4545 3 days access for 10 pesos
IG10 send to 4545 3 days Instagram app browsing and use for 10 pesos
ML10 send to 4545 Mobile Legends access for 3 days at P10
CR5 send to 4545 1 day Clash Royale game access for 5 pesos
CR10 send to 4545 Clash Royale for 3 days only 10 pesos
IG5 send to 4545 Instagram access for 5 pesos with 1 day validity
BOOMBEACH5 send to 4545 Boom Beach playing for 5 pesos valid for 1 day
BOOMBEACH10 send to 4545 3 days Boom Beach app game access for 10 pesos

Tip: You must use Talk N Text LTE SIM to experience Smart/TNT fast internet speed that can reach up to 40+ Mbps as long as your location covered by their widest LTE network. You can use all the above offer with your Pocket Wi-Fi, USB broadband, smartphone, tablet as long as it's capable of cellular data network or SIM capable device. You can also wisely avail their  free LTE SIM upgrade offer by visiting your nearest Smart store or call the hotline using your mobile phone. You can also visit TNT website and social media pages for updates.

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