Globe Prepaid Internet Promo - 1 Day, 1 Week and up to 30 Days

Select from any of the Globe internet promo bundles based on your budget or price, no. of days and lifestyle. You can surf from 1 day up to 30 days.
Most of us use our mobile phone to connect to the internet while registering to a postpaid or prepaid internet promo from our local Telco offers. If you’re using Globe Telecom network, you can select from their wide variety of promos for browsing. You can start from their regular browsing rate, which is Php5.00 per 15 minutes or P2/MB used. If you want a budget friendly package, you can also register to their daily, weekly and monthly basis internet promo.
Another option that you can avail is by app bundles where you can use select apps like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Messenger, email and others to access the internet at cheaper rate. Of course not app mobile applications are included on their offers but most of your favorite social media and entertainment related app are available.
Globe Internet Promo

List of Globe Internet Promo Offers

You can subscribe to any of the Globe internet promo packages depending on your budget and needs. If you’re wise enough to manage your data, they have GOSURF that gives you volume of data allocation. If you’re up for unlimited internet promo, you can try their SUPERSURF which gives you unli-surfing access, but with fair usage policy in effect giving you 800MB daily as normal speed.

Supersurf PromoDescriptionValidity
SUPERSURF50 send to 8080 Surf all you want for 50 pesos1 day
SUPERSURF200 send to 8080200 pesos surfing for 5 days5 days
SUPERSURF999 send to 80801-month internet promo for P999.0030 days

GoSURF PromoDescriptionValidity
GoSURF15 send to 8080 40MB + 30MB GoPlay app access15 pesos / 2 days
GoSURF50 send to 80801GB, 300MB app + Unlitext to all50 pesos for 3 days
GoSURF299 send to 80801.5GB, 1GB app of choice299 pesos for 30 days
GoSURF599 send to 8080 4GB, 1GB app of choice599 pesos for 30 day
GoSURF999 send to 80808GB, 1GB app of choice999 pesos for 30 days

For app only internet promo, you can register for their offers based on your lifestyle and budget. You can have chat apps, video, music, online games and other bundles.

App Bundles PromoDescriptionValidity
SUPERFB10 send to 8080 Non-stop Facebook for P10.001 day
SUPERFB15 send to 8080FB access for P15.002 days
SUPERFB50 send to 8080Facebook surfing for 50 pesos7 days
SUPERFB199 send to 80801-month FB browsing30 days
YOUTUBE10 send to 8080100MB videos streaming in Youtube/Dailymotion1 day
SOCIAL20 send to 8080Non-stop access to FB, Twitter and Multiply for P20.001 day
MAIL20 send to 8080FB, Ymail, Gmail and Jobstreet surfing for 20 pesos1 day
MAIL299 send to 8080FB, Ymail, Gmail and Jobstreet surfing for 299 pesos30 days

You can also use the Globe menu to create your own internet GoSAKTO promo where you can decide the validity and data MB/GB included. In this option you can also combine or make a combo of data, call and text in one promo.

Cheap Combo PromoDescriptionValidity
GOTSCOMBOKEA37 send to 80801GB data + 20 all net text for 37 pesos1 day
GOTSCOMBODD70 send to 8080 Unli all net text + 1GB for 70 pesos7 days
GOTSCOMBODD90 send to 80802GB data for 90 pesos + unli text to all networks7 days
GOCOMBOIJHD95 send to 8080100MB + Unli tri-net calls + unli all net for P957 days
GOCOMBOAHAF204 send to 808010MB + 10 minutes call + 1000 all net for P204.0030 days

Make sure you have enough maintaining balance while subscribed to any of the prepaid internet promos from Globe to continue using until the save expiry date. You can use this promo on your mobile phone, for Pocket Wi-Fi users, SIM-based broadband modem and other cellular dependent internet capable devices. Take note that browsing speed depends on your network and signal quality. It is much better if you use an LTE SIM and device if your location is already covered by 4G/LTE. For more offers you can check out Globe Internet and Supersurf promo as our source and reference.