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How to Pasaload or Share a Load in Globe and TM

Steps on how to Pasaload using Globe and TM SIM including share a load, data and promo to another mobile number.
Every Globe Telecom or TM (Touch Mobile) mobile network subscriber here in the Philippines needs to use the Pasaload to share a load with friends and loved ones. In just a few how…
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Every Globe Telecom or TM (Touch Mobile) mobile network subscriber here in the Philippines needs to use the Pasaload to share a load with friends and loved ones. In just a few how-to steps, you can now able to transfer a regular load or share a load anytime you want in a secure way. Let's say, for example, you are in an area where there is no loading station, Globe / TM loading station and you need to reload as soon as possible. 
How to Pasaload

How To Pasaload in Globe and TM

Since December 1, 202, the Pasaload or Share a load service is no longer available to Globe and TM users. You can still send load, promo, and data by any of the following methods below.

Share a Load via the GlobeOne app

The easiest way to pasaload with your Globe or TM SIM card to another mobile number is via the GlobeOne app. You need to download and install the app and then link your mobile number by creating an account.
  1. Open the app, then tap "Buy Load."
  2. Choose an account or type a mobile number, then tap the "Choose an account" button.
  3. Select or choose your desired load amount, then tap "Buy load."
  4. Choose your preferred payment method e.g Gcash or Credit/debit card
  5. Input your payment method credential to proceed and complete the payment process.
You can also buy load even if you're not logged in by simply tapping the Buy button at lower portion of the GloOne app home screen.

Here are the steps on how to share a data if you are subscribed to a SURF4ALL promo or Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi data shareable promos

  1. Open the GlobeOne app.
  2. Proceed to the Manage Group Data section.
  3. Enter the name and mobile number of the person with whom you want to share the data with your group.

You can add up to 3 more members in a group.

Pasalod using GCash

You can also send or share a load to another mobile number using GCash app, just download and install the app then register to the number to create a GCash account.
  1. Open your GCash and tap "Load."
  2. Select Globe or TM.
  3. Enter the mobile number of the pasaload recepient or browse it from your contacts list and then press "Next". Click "Yes, proceed" to continue.
  4. Select from the list of regular load amount denominations or enter your desired amount from P10-150 then tap "Buy Now."
  5. Confirm and check the amount of load/promo then press "Pay" to complete your transaction.
You need to have enough GCash load or credits to process the Pasaload or share a promo transaction. Using the app is free of charge, just turn on your mobile data and you'll be able to browse the GCash dashboard without connection problems.

Via AutoloadMax

You can still send a load to your friends and loved ones by simply reloading at your nearest load retailer and dealers. You can also buy prepaid cards to reload your account or another person's number by sharing the load card details.

Other Online Loading Channels

If you have access and credits to the following apps and online platforms listed below, you can still reload or share a load not just Globe and TM mobile network.
  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • BDO
  • BPI
  • CLiQQ
  • Coins.PH
  • PureGold
That's it! You can now start sharing and sending loads using the above-mentioned alternative way to do a Pasaload using Globe and TM prepaid.


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