How to Pasaload or Share a Load and Promo Service - Globe / TM Sim

Steps on how to Pasaload with Globe / TM SIM, also includes share a load and promo network services. Tranfers regular load from Globe to TM mobile number with PIN and sample key code where to send it.
Every Globe Telecom or TM (Touch Mobile) mobile network subscribers here in Philippines can now enjoy Pasaload from one number to other friend or love ones number easily. In just a few how to steps, you can now able to transfer a regular load or share a load anytime you want in a secure way. Let's say for example, you are in area where there is no loading station, Globe / TM loading station and you need to reload as soon as possible. 

 Globe Pasaload or Share a load and Promo
How can you manage that situation? TThis is where TM / Globe pasaload and ask a load services takes place, you call or ask for Globe / TM Emergency text using Globe GTSOS service. Now that you already know about how to ask a load, the next thing you need to know is how to share or request a load from other Globe or TM number.

Steps on how to share a load or promo with Globe / TM

There are 2 options of sharing you load to other number:

  • Share a Load without PIN – the simplest and easiest way to share a load with your Globe or TM SIM, from you number to another mobile number.
  • Share a Load with PIN – the secure of transferring a load (Pasaload) from one number to other number with the use of PIN.

What you can share with Globe Share services?

  • Share a Load – if you want to share a regular load with specific amount from you number to other mobile number.
  • Share a Service – if you want to share A Globe or TM promo like UNLITXT, ASTIGTXT, COMBO promos and more.

Use Share a load to share a regular amount of load, here how to do that.

Just text or create a message and type <AMOUNT of Load> then send to 2 + receivers 10 digit mobile number.

Example format: 50 send to 29151234567

Share a load with PIN:

Just text or create a message and type <AMOUNT of Load>space <PIN> then send to 2 + receivers 10 digit mobile number.

Example format: 50 1111 send to 29151234567

Note: Every Globe to TM or TM to Globe share a load transaction will be charged P1 on every successful process. For Globe postpaid, your share a load transactions will be added on top on your monthly payment or bill. Pasaload also is subject for validity based on denominations shared.

How to Share a Promo or Service with Globe and TM?

You can share a promo like Globe Unlitxt and TM Astigtxt to other number by simply following the steps provided below.

Share a promo to other Globe or TM number:

Just text UNLITXT20 to 2 + receivers 10 digit mobile number.

Example code: UNLITXT20 send to 29151234567

If you want to transfer a promo is a secure way, just add PIN after typing the promo or service you want to share.


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