Globe list of GoSURF Surf Promo offers for Prepaid Subscribers

Enjoy all Globe GoSURF surfing promo offers with up to 30 days validity plus the options to choose call, text, data and extend add-on.
If you’re looking for an internet promo using your Globe prepaid SIM, try our their GoSURF package that gives you more options on what to choose based on your budget and surfing lifestyle.
Forget about the previous Globe Unlisurf offers, our telcos nowadays have their fair use policy or what we also call as capping when it comes to mobile network internet usage. Our major telcos only give you 800MB per day at normal usage under 4G/LTE/3G and after that your speed will slow down to 2G and refreshes the next day.
With this GoSURF surfing promo, you are given normal speed, but you need to manage your usage wisely to make of its package. You have an option to choose the validity of your surf promo from days, week and up to 1 month or subscribe to GoSURF base on your budget.

Globe GoSURF Promo -  3 days to 1-month Plan

Here’s a good feature from their offers, once you register from Globe GOSURF15 up to GOSURF999 you’ll get a freebie data that you can use to access app of your choice. You’ll get from 30MB to 1GB depending on the denomination you subscribe.

GoSURF PlanDescriptionValidity
GoSURF15 send to 8080 40MB + 30MB GoPlay app access15 pesos / 2 days
GoSURF50 send to 80801GB, 300MB app + Unlitext to all50 pesos for 3 days
GoSURF299 send to 80801.5GB, 1GB app of choice299 pesos for 30 days
GoSURF599 send to 8080 4GB, 1GB app of choice599 pesos for 30 day
GoSURF999 send to 80808GB, 1GB app of choice999 pesos for 30 days

With above offers, you can also choose an add-on to your GoSURF promo before it expires. You have the option to add more MBs, video streaming, extend validity and top up unlimited call and texts.

GS Add-onsDescriptionAmount
GOWATCH29Add 2GB/day video data29 pesos
GOWATCH99Add 2.5GB/ 3days99 pesos
GOWATCH39910GB for 30 days399 pesos
GS ADDSURF15100 MB / day15 pesos
GS ADDSURF991GB of data / 30 days99 pesos
GS EXTENDExtend unused data validity / day5 pesos
UNLI10Unli call and text / day10 pesos

You can check your remaining data balance by going to *143# menu or by simply texting GOSURF STATUS to 8080. For remaining data of your freebie, just text the GS(amount) (freebie) then send to 8080. To stop or unsubscribe to this promo, just text GOSURF STOP then send to 8080. For more GoSURF Promos you can visit their website and social media pages.