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Globe GoRENEW - Automatically Renew Your Prepaid Promo

Globe GoRENEW is a feature that lets you automatically renew your preferred prepaid promo as they expire.
Globe Prepaid GoRENEW is an automated service that allows subscribers to auto-renew their desired select promos automatically. As a subscriber, you only need to have enough load …
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 Globe Prepaid GoRENEW is an automated service that allows subscribers to auto-renew their desired select promos automatically. As a subscriber, you only need to have enough load balance or credit on your account to avail the offer. The first promo you registered to GoRENEW will be one to get the auto-renewal service. Let’s say for example, if you subscribed to the Go90 promo, the succeeding registrations or the renewable promo will also be Go90. 


The advantage of the service is that you will no longer worry on the expiration date of your promo subscription, you don’t need to text or open the app to register for another promo, it will save you time and save your remaining data.


The GoRENEW auto-renewal is available to select Globe Go Promos, GoUNLI, Surf4All, GoEXTRA, and Go promos for Students. The list below includes 7 to 15 days promo validity period. You can check the following offers by going to the Promos tab in the GlobeOne app, then tapping on the filter icon, sele GoRENEW in Type then Apply.

GoRENEW Promos

  • Go90 - 8GB data, unli to all networks texts, and 1GB GoWiFi for 90 Pesos (7 days validity)
  • Go90 for Students - 8GB data, 1GB for GoLearn&Work apps, unli to all networks texts , and 1GB GoWiFi for 90 Pesos (7 days validity)
  • Go120 - 10GB data, unlimited to all networks texts, unlimited Globe/TM calls, and 2GB GoWiFi for 120 Pesos (7 days validity)
  • Go140 - 11GB data, unli to all networks texts, unli all-net calls, 2GB GoWiFi for 140 Pesos (7 days validity)
  • Go250 - 15GB data, 15 days validity for 250 Pesos (15 days validity)
  • Go400 - 25GB data, 15 days validity for 400 Pesos (15 days validity)
  • GoUNLI95 - 1GB data, Unli calls and texts to all networks, for 95 Pesos
  • GoUNLI180 - 2GB data, unlimited all-net texts and calls for 180 Pesos (15 days validity)
  • SURF4ALL99 - 9GB shareable data with 7 days validity for 99 Pesos
  • SURF4ALL249 - 20GB shareable data with 7 days validity for 249 Pesos
  • GoEXTRA90 - 8GB data + unli all-net texts, unlimited calls to Globe/TM, and 1GB GoWiFi access for 90 Pesos (7 days validity)
  • GoEXTRA99 - 8GB open-access data, unlimited calls and texts to all networks for 99 Pesos (7 days validity)

How to Register Globe GoRENEW

You can register GoRENEW via SMS text, *143# (USSD code), Globe retailer, GCash app, and the GlobeOne app. Make sure you have enough load balance on your wallet or account before the schedule of promo renewal. In case you do not have enough load balance, the renewal will not push through, and your GoRENEW subscription will be canceled.

Register via Text

Open your Messaging app.

Create and text (Promo Keyword) (space) RENEW and send it to 8080

Example: Text GO90 RENEW and send it to 8080.

Wait for the successful confirmation message.

Register via GlobeOne App

  1. Open the GlobeOne app.
  2. Click the "Buy" menu at the bottom.
  3. Select a promo with a "GoRENEW" tag or go to "Promos" and use the Filter to view all available GoRENEW promos.
    GoRENEW GlobeOne App

  4. Tap the toggle "Renew promo after expiry" button under GoRENEW.
  5. Scroll down and tap "SUBSCRIBE" button
  6. Tap the YES button to confirm GoRENEW subscription.
  7. Select the mode of payment (GCash, Credit or debit card, or charge to load) then process payment.

Register via GCash App

  1. Open your GCash mobile app.
  2. Click the "Load" button in the dashboard to buy load.
  3. Under the "Mobile" tab, select "Globe" and enter the 11-digit mobile number of the load recipient, then click or browse from Contacts
  4. Click "Next" to proceed.
  5. On the Mobile Load menu, swipe through the tabs to the right and select GoRENEW.
    GoRENEW Gcash

  6. Select your preferred GoRENEW promo and click "Buy Now"
  7. Proceed to complete the transaction.

Register via *143#

  1. Open your phone and dial *143# then press Call.
  2. Choose your desired promo based on the list of Globe GoRENEW promos above.
  3. Under the promo info, select "Subscribe and Renew"

Wait for the SMS confirmation regarding your successful registration.

For Globe AutoLoadMAX Retailers

  1. Using your retailer phone, dial *100# and press Call.
  2. Choose the GoRENEW menu and load it to customers.

How to Stop Globe GoRENEW

You can still register to your other favorite Globe Prepaid promos even if you have an active GoRENEW subscription but you can only have 1 active GoRENEW subscription at a time. If you have a current active GoRENEW subscription and you wish to have another GoRENEW promo, you need to stop the current before you can avail to the new one. Select one of the following methods below on how to stop GoRENEW.

  1. Just text GORENEW STOP then send it to 8080.
  2. Via the GlobeOne app, click on the "Unsubscribe" button under the GoRENEW promo.
  3. By simply not having enough load balance or credits during the time of renewal.

If your auto-renewal fails, the system will attempt the renewal (3) three times within (1) one hour. If the (3rd) third attempt fails, you will receive an SMS notification regarding the instructions on how to re-register for GoRENEW. You may call the Globe's customer service hotline by dialing 211 for support and other queries regarding this service.