TNT ALLNET20 - 2 Days Unli call and Text to all networks + 50MB Data

With the new TNT ALLNET20 promo you can enjoy unli call and texts to all networks for only 20 pesos.
Talk N Text subscribers can now enjoy unlimited call and texts to all networks with the new ALLNET20 promo. For only 20 pesos, you can enjoy calling and texting across all networks without worrying internet connection charges plus 50MB consumable data to connect the internet if needed.

How to Register Talk N Text ALLNET 20 Promo

You can subscribe to this promo via USSD code menu. Follow the options below to register via TNT ALLNET20.
  1. Dial *121#.
  2. Select Other Offers
  3. Select option for ALLNET 20
  4. Select Subscribe to register.

Promo description:
  • 50MB data
  • Unli calls to all networks
  • Unli all-net texts
  • Amount: Php20.00
  • Validity: 2 days

Make sure you received the confirmation message from TNT before you start using the promo to avoid the unwanted load charge deduction.