Smart UCT30 Promo - Now with Data + Unli Calls and Text to All Networks

UCT30 is and unlimited calls to Smart, TNT and SUN promo unli-texts to all networks, 100MB mobile data for FB , Viber and Whatsapp, valid for 1 day.

While Talk N Text already updated their T100 promo with added validity and text to all networks. Smart prepaid also added data access plus free FB Messenger and WhatsApp to their UCT30 promo without price increase. The promo also includes unli call to Smart/TNT/Sun Cellular and 100MB of data. Though this added calling service is not a big deal for mobile users, it can be more helpful to those who handle clients and business.

Smart UCT30 Promo

Smart UCT30 Promo

This promo is available to all Smart prepaid subscribers nationwide. Registration can be done by the subscriber by texting the promo keyword UCT30. Or use the USSD code method to subscribe by dialing *123# then select the corresponding choice of unlimited call and text promo. If you prefer via SMS subscription, just follow the format below.

How to Register UCT30

Via USSD code:

Just dial *123#. Select Other Offers then choose UCT.

Via SMS:

Text UCT30 send to 9999.

Promo description:

  • Unlimited call to TNT/Smart/Sun
  • Unlitext to all networks
  • 100MB mobile data
  • Free FB Messenger and WhatsApp access
  • Valid for 1 day
  • Price: 30 pesos

How to Load via Retailer

Just text UCT30 (space) 11-digit Customer Mobile # then send to 343.

If you want to extend the validity of this UCT30 to 1-month / 30 days, you can follow the one-time registration using Smart UCT350 promo keyword.

How to Call using UCT30?

To call using this promo, just dial the 11-digit Smart, TNT, Sun Cellular mobile number of the person you are trying to call.

How to use UCT30 call to landline?

This feature is no longer available on the updated UCT30 promo package. Calling is easy, you need to the area code before the 7-digit PLDT landline number e.g. 32 XXX-XXXX. If the telephone number you are trying to call is within the same area code you can directly dial the seven digit number. For more help, you can also text UCTHELP to 9999, or call Smart hotline number by dialing *888 if you have complaints and other queries.

When successful registration is done, you will receive a notification that includes time, date and other details about the promo package. If you like UCT promo, share this post to your contacts to let them know the good news.


  1. nag load ako 30 pesos uct 30 tinawag ko kaagad bat wala parin
    ayaw na dinako makatawag ulit bat naman ganun ohh


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