How to Avail Smart Emergency Ask A Load Service

Some of you guys will go out of town to relax and unwind from daily works and activities in real life. While we are away from our love ones and friends still communications never stop through mobile phones and internet access. You’ll still be able to talk to important person of your life like family, friends and love ones.

I’ll put you on a test situation, you are in an out of town get away and your boss sent you an emergency text where you need to reply as soon as possible. What will you do if you don’t have enough load balance to reply on that text? Okay don’t panic, if you are using Smart network you don’t need to any nearest loading station or retailer. By just dialing the given Smart code you can instantly have load or avail a load in a few simple steps.

If you’re out of load or you need to text someone, with SMART it's possible to avail an emergency load. Just follow the steps below on how to use Smart SOS emergency load service. There is no need for you to ask a Pasaload, just by dialing the code below you can avail the Smart Emergency Load service.

Smart SOS Emergency Load

Here's how to use Smart SOS Emergency Load

1. Just dial *7572 to avail 5 texts to ALL NETWORKS

*Valid for 1 day
*Note: 5.00 Php will be automatically deducted on your next load.


What good with this is that you don’t need to forced the other person or party you are contacting to send you a buck just to reload you SIM. The concept of this service is not like the Smart Pasaload, this service with directly connect with Smart system and provide you with that fixed amount just to get that that emergency load service.