Smart uses USSD code to Check your load Balance Easily and Free

Easiest way to check your load for free with Smart's latest USSD code menu *214#. See remaining text, call and promos.
Smart came up to a new way of checking your load balance by using USSD code, if you’re lazy enough to go to your phone message menu and text to inquire your remaining regular load, free text, calls and text to other networks this method saves you.

Check your Load Balance
New way on how to Check your Smart Load for Free - Just dial *214#
You can now check load easy and free, if you’re a Smart prepaid subscriber all you have to do is dial the code then a pop up message from 214 will show your current SIM load balance.

Check Smart load free of charge

  1. Just dial *214# using your mobile phone
  2. You will also see sponsored advertisement and other promos during the balance request confirmation.  
  3. After the confirmation message, you will receive a SMS from 214 stating your remaining the date and time, load balance, expiry date, free text (Smart / TNT / Sun Cellular and text to all networks).

Friendly tips for you guys to avoid unwanted charges, do check first if the ads and promotions you are trying to join is free of charge. Do read carefully before engaging any dialed instructions, it’s your choice to join or not.


  1. Anonymous1/10/2015

    Does not work anymore with that.....

  2. Anonymous1/20/2015

    I just checked it using my newly purchased Smart Student Sim and it is working.

  3. Anonymous4/08/2015

    it is working for me

  4. Anonymous5/09/2015

    I already wasted 2 smart student sim, And everytime I off my phone for 1 day after that. My sim doesnt work anymore.

  5. useful!!! yeah u rock

  6. Anonymous8/06/2015

    useful for me


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