PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi FamLoad Promos, also Available to Smart Bro

PLDT Home Prepaid Wi-Fi Famload promo now offers more data for the same price.
PLDT and Smart Bro LTE Prepaid Home WiFi users can now get more data when they subscribe to the new FamLoad promos. This offer previously named as Home Boost and now upgraded with additional data allowance to enjoy non-stop browsing and streaming online with your family at home. You can still the register to 1GB for 15 pesos offer just like before if you run out of data on your current Famload subscription.
Knowing what Globe offers to their subscriber with Home Surf promo, PLDT revamp their Home Boost by adding free data on top of the base offer to keep the competition.
PLDT Famload

PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi Famload Promo

Here’s the list of the upgraded PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi load promos for the same price but with more GB of data.
Famload Promo
PromoData / ValidityPrice
Famload 151GB data valid for 1 day. Add-on to Famload 50 and up.₱15.00
Famload 501GB data + free 2GB open access data valid for 3 days₱50.00
Famload 1995GB data + free 7GB open access valid for 7 days₱199.00
Famload 59915GB data + free 25GB open access valid for 15 days₱599.00
Famload 99930GB data + free 35GB open access valid for 30 days₱999.00
Famload 149945GB data + free 55GB open access datavalid for 30 days₱1499.00

How to load or register via retailer: Just text FamLoad(denomination)(space)11-digit PLDT/Smart Home WiFi number send to 4122. Example: Famload 199 09XXXXXXXXX. Note that retailer need to update their Retailer menu by texting GET(space)PLDT send to 343.

All Famload promos are stackable, you can subscribe to another Fam Load bundle while you have an active subscription of the same promo. Meaning your current remaining MB/GB of data will be carried to your new registration and will follow the latest validity period of your new Famload.

This offer is intended to PLDT Home Prepaid Wi-Fi and Smart Bro LTE Home WiFi. Smart LTE Prepaid SIM users cannot avail this offer using your phone. You need the router/modem bundled with the dedicated SIM card to enjoy this offer.

You cannot register Famload 15 alone, you need to avail the base offer starting from Famload 50 and higher to get the 1GB per day for only 15 pesos.

You can also download mySmart PLDT app for Android and iOS/iPhone users.

To register via dashboard, just reload your account, then go to your PLDT or Smart Bro Prepaid Home Wi-Fi dashboard, browse and select you desired Famload based on your budget.