October 3, 2016

How to Update Smart Load Retailer 128K and 64K SIM Menu via SMS

If you’re a Smart load retailer and using the new 128K SIM card you can simply update by texting the keyword to pull the new menu.
Once your retailer SIM is updated you can load promos for Smart prepaid, regular load, Talk N Text, Smart Bro, Red Mobile, Ka-Partner menu, PLDT and Cignal.
Though there’s a new option to load via USSD code, for those who prefer the old style of loading your clients via Smart Menu you need to get this update on your SIM card.

Smart Load Menu

How to Pull Update on Smart Menu Load Retailer SIM

Make sure you are using 128K Smart SIM, to confirm you can remove you’re the SIM card on your phone and look for 128K text at the back. Use the code below and use it on your respective SIM type, e.g. 128K and 64K.

Keyword applicable to 128K Retailer Sim users:

KeywordSend toDescription
GETPREPAID343Smart Prepaid Menu
GETREG343Smart Regular Load Menu
GETBRO343Smart Bro Menu
GETTNT343Talk N Text Load Menu
GETMERALCO343Kuryente Load - Meralco Menu
NEW SLOAD343Buy Smartload via Smart Money
GETKAPARTNER343Ka-Partner Rewards Menu
ENT343Entertainment Menu
PULL MENU or SLOAD343Smartload Menu For 64K sim
SUNPRE343SUN Cellular load Menu and SBW Load
GET MENU9888Customer Support Menu

Sample format for  Smart Bro UNLISURF50 direct loading via retailer menu, type UNLI50[space]Customer Mobile Number then send to 4122. Account must have at least P1 airtime. Phone unit must be idle for 20 minutes, with screensaver and keypad lock temporarily turned off.

For 64K Sim users:

KeywordSend toDescription
CIGNAL3443Cignal Load Menu
RED9992Red Mobile Menu
GET BRO2200Smart Bro Menu (Old)

Tip and reminders:
Do not power off your phone during menu update. No Outgoing/Incoming transactions within 10 minutes until menu is successfully updated. In case of error plug-in data call *333 for menu deletion.


  1. hi! i dialed *343# to update and it said "Thank you! Your request has been sent. Please wait for an SMS reply." What do i do next since I haven't received any SMS reply

  2. Your smartload menu is blocked... please help ano gagawin ko..

  3. While trying to load for Talk n text i receive "error in plug in" and wasn't able to load. what to do?