PLDT Famload 199 – 12GB of Data Valid up to 7 Days for only 199 Pesos

With the new PLDT Famload 199, you can get 12GB of total data for your Home Prepaid Wi-Fi valid up to 7 days for only 199 pesos.
As Smart / PLDT changed their Home Boost to the new Famload promo, all the packages now come with more data and value for your money price. One of the new offerings is the Famload 199 that give 12GB of data that you can consume for up to 7 days for only 199 pesos. You almost have 2GB per day that you can use to browse your favorite websites and social media app. You can even download large if you solely allocated the data for updating and download large files on your home computer.
This an affordable promo and suitable for small family members who wants to enjoy streaming, online mobile gaming, research and other online activities.
Famload 199

How to Register PLDT Famload 199 Promo

You can subscribe to this promo via PLDT/Smart load retailer, dashboard and mobile app. Just select the best possible options you like below on how to load or register.

  1. Via retailer: Just text FamLoad(denomination)(space)11-digit PLDT/Smart Home WiFi number send to 4122. Example: Famload 199 09XXXXXXXXX
  2. Via dashboard: Connect to you Wi-Fi network the go to
  3. Via online mobile app: Go to Google Play Store (mySmart PLDT Android) and App Store (mySmart PLDT iOS or iPhone). Download myPLDT Smart app and link you prepaid Wi-Fi account to register.
Update as of August 2020:

Promo description:

  • 5GB open access + 7GB free open access data
  • Amount: 199.00 pesos
  • Validity: 7 days

New bundle valid until January 15, 2020.

  • 24GB open access data

You can check out PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi for only 1995 Pesos with free 10GB data that includes Wi-Fi modem/route and bundled prepaid SIM to enjoy this offer. To check your balance or data, just open you dashboard or use the app to monitor your data usage.