Globe HomeSURF15 – 1GB Data for Only 15 Pesos on top of GoSURF50

Enjoy Globe HomeSURF15 add-on promo with 1GB of data for only 15 pesos using your prepaid Home Wi-Fi.
You can now avail the most affordable 1GB data promo from Globe Prepaid via HomeSurf15 offer.
With your 15 pesos, you can have 1GB of data consumable for up to 3 days. The drawback is you can only register to this promo while you have an active GoSURF50 subscription and if you are a Globe Prepaid Home Wi-Fi user.
With HomeSURF 15 exclusive add-on, you can get more data that you can use to access social media and access your favorite videos online at a very budget friendly price. You can also register multiple times as long as your GoSURF promo has not yet expired.
HomeSurf15 Globe

How to Register Globe Prepaid HomeSURF15 Promo

It is only available for Globe Prepaid Home WiFi users but we have to check if they will offer it to all prepaid subscribers (Tattoo, LTE Pocket Wi-Fi, etc.). For now, you can subscribe to this promo by following the methods below.

Active GoSURF50 subscription

To subscribe:
Just text HOMESURF15 send to 2 + (mobile number of your modem)
Example: HOMESURF15 send to 29171234567

The format is almost the same with how you Pasaload or Share a Load using Globe/TM.

Promo description:
1GB data
Price: 15 pesos
Validity: 1 day
You can also register to this promo via Globe at Home mobile app (available to Android and iOS users).
  1. Download the Globe at Home on your app store.
  2. Link your prepaid account mobile number / modem mobile number.
  3. Verify your account via text or email.
  4. Go to menu tab, click on “Get more data”.
  5. Select “HomeSurf 15” on the list then click subscribe.

Globe at Home Prepaid HomeSurf 15
You should wait for the notification from Globe that says your promo subscription is successful or already active and ready to use.




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