Globe Prepaid Home WiFi – 50% Stronger Signal with Free 10GB Data

Globe's latest worry free Prepaid Home WiFi has the stronger signal for more stable and faster internet connection.
Need Wi-Fi connection at home and don’t want to be tied up with monthly billing from the provider?
With Globe you can now enjoy a worry free internet connection with their Home Prepaid Wi-Fi, you can buy it for only 1,999 pesos or even cheaper when you avail it via promo price. Yes, it’s prepaid, you can use the internet anytime you need based on your budget.  It’s easy to install plus you’ll get free 10GB of data during the activation that you can use to browse on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even watch on YouTube.
What makes it stronger is the LTE capability that can connect for up to 40Mbps+ faster wireless internet depending on your location and signal strength.
Globe Prepaid Home WiFi
Globe Home Prepaid WiFi w/ free 10GB

Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi – GoSurf Daily, Weekly and Monthly Internet Promo

As soon as you fully consumed the free data, you can quickly register to Globe GoSurf promos to continue your internet connection.  You can load anytime, just visit your nearest load retailer and load any of the denominations below. Just choose the right keyword and send the code to register GoSurf promo. You don’t need to remove the SIM, just get the mobile number and login to your Prepaid Home Wi-Fi dashboard using the default admin password and create SMS then send keyword.

Globe GoSurf Promos
HOMESURF1515 Pesos1 day1GB
GoSURF15Php152 days40MB
GoSURF50Php503 days1GB
GoSURF299Php2991 month2GB
GoSURF599Php59930 days4GB
GoSURF999Php99930 days8GB

Send the above keyword to 8080 to subscribe GoSurf. To check your remaining MB or GB on your surf promo, just text GOSURF(Amount) (space) STATUS to 8080. You can do that all on your Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi modem/router web interface.


  1. Hi!
    I'd like to ask on how to activate surfalert from PREPAID HOME WIFI?

  2. SURFALERT ON or OFF send to 8080


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