TM Data Internet Promo for 30 days only 99 Pesos with Free Facebook

Register to Touch Mobile internet surfing promo for only 99 pesos with 30 days validity.
You want to register a 30 days internet promo with Touch Mobile prepaid?
If your allowance is limited and you want to subscribe for a mobile surfing offers from TM, check out their new GoSurf offers. You’ll have options to choose from 1 day, 5 days and 1 month depending on your budget. For only 99 pesos, you can get one free app access (most of us prefer Facebook) plus the bandwidth data promo allocation.
We usually prefer unlisurf until now, but our telcos are no longer support unlimited internet so they came up with consumable data. You are given MB/GB only, once you reached the limit services will stop and you need to register a new promo to continue browsing. That’s a sad part if you’re on a tight budget.
TM 30 days Internet Promo

How to Register TM 1-month GoSurf Promo

Registration can be done by dialing *143# or simply use the SMS method where you need to text the promo keyword to new TM/Globe ‘send to’ registration number.  See mechanics, freebies and other details before you enroll to this promo.

TM Gosurf 99
To subscribe: Text GOSURF99 send to 8080
200MB of data
1GB data for free app (FB, Viber, Youtube, Spotify and more)
Validity: 30 days
Price: 99 pesos

With limited MB’s only, make sure to use data wisely. Turn off or restrict background apps that consumes data and disable auto update on your mobile account settings. You can text DATATRACK to monitor your data usage.


  1. meron po bang unli fb plus text valid for 7 days?

  2. is there any promo/s that is less than 100php 30days surfing ? at least 200mb ? thanks!

  3. meron po bang Unli internet good for 1 month, P500 below??

  4. updated ba to gosurf99 as of today?


  6. Pano op ba e register yung GOSurf99 meron papo ba neto?


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