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TM EasySurf99 - 3GB + 14GB Data and Unli All-net Texts

The TM EasySurf99 promo offers 3GB of data, 14GB allocation for app freebie (2GB per day) and unli all-net texts for 7 days.
The TM Easysurf 99 is a prepaid promo available for only 99 pesos, offering a complete package that includes 3GB of data, 14GB of app freebies, and unlimited text messages to all …
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The TM Easysurf 99 is a prepaid promo available for only 99 pesos, offering a complete package that includes 3GB of data, 14GB of app freebies, and unlimited text messages to all networks. This promo remains valid for 7 days, ensuring an extended period of online fun and non-stop texting. One of the best feature of TM Easysurf 99 is the daily allocation of 2GB of data specifically allocated for the included apps, which are FunAliw, FunKwentuhan, FunRaket, FunACHIEVE, FunKDRAMA, FunLARO, and Watch&Play.

TM EasySurf99

TM EasySurf99

To avail of EasySurf 99, you have multiple subscription options such as GlobeOne, the GCash app, and various other loading platforms. It is recommended to have these applications installed for a quick and easy registration process.

EasySurf 99 Promo Description

Data3GB open access data
Freebie2GB per day app of choice
(FunAliw, FunKwentuhan, FunRaket, FunACHIEVE, FunKDRAMA, FunLARO, and Watch&Play)
TextsUnlimited text to all networks
Validity7 days

FunALIW apps include (Facebook, YouTube, Mobile Legends, TikTok, WeSing, Wild Rift, iWantTFC, WeSing, & Kumu).

FunKWENTUHAN - (FB, Instagram, Google Meet, Zoom, WeChat & Viber).

FunRAKET - (Lazada, GCash, Shopee,  Grab, Food Panda, Carousell, & Facebook).

FunAchieve - (Google Meet, MS Teams, YouTube Learning, Zoom, TikTok, Facebook, & Mobile Legends).

FunLaro - (Wild Rift, Clash Royale, Mobile Legends, COD, AOV, COC).

WATCH and PLAY - (YouTube, Netflix, HOOQ, NBA, Viu, HBO GO, VLive, Mobile Legends, Arena of Valor, Call of Duty, Marvel Super War, PUBG, Free Fire, Rules of Survival, Clash Royale at Clash of Clans).

How to Register EasySurf 99

In order to register via the GlobeOne app, you will need to recharge your account with a minimum of ₱99.00 load. It is needed to have the app installed on your mobile device to access a wider range of TM promos.

  1. Open your GlobeOne or TM app then go to the Buy tab.
  2. Select Buy TM from the drop and choose your TM prepaid account.
    TM EasySurf 99

  3. Go to the Promos tab and search for EasySurf 99 from the list.
  4. Enter your 11-digit TM mobile number or choose it from the accounts list.
  5. Tap Subscribe the select your preferred payment
  6. Select from GCash, Charge to Load, and Credit/Debit card options.
  7. Continue to complete the transaction.

You will receive an SMS and in-app notification regarding your successful registration

Via GCash

You can also use your GCash account to register for the EasySurf99 promo, just reload your account with at least 99 pesos before you proceed.

  1. Open your GCash app and tap the Load icon then select the Mobile tab.
  2. Select the country Philippines then select TM in the telco options.
  3. Enter a 10-digit TM mobile number or browse it on your contact list.
  4. Click Next and scroll to the right and tap the Surf tab.
  5. Scroll down and select EasySurf99 promo of your choice.
  6. Click the Buy Now button to register.
  7. Click Pay to proceed and complete the registration.

Updates on the status of your registration will be sent to you via in-app and SMS notifications.


To register EasySurf 99 via SMS keyword, just text EASYSURF99 or EZ99 to 8080.

You'll receive an  SMS confirmation message regarding the successful and free app bundle subscription option

To inquire about your remaining data, simply send a text message with "DATA BAL" to 8080. Alternatively, you can check by sending a text message with "EZ STATUS" to 8080. If you wish to stop this promo, just send a text message with "EZ STOP" to 8080.