TM Facebook FB30 Promo – Unli-text to all + Free FB for 30 Pesos

Register to Touch Mobile's (TM) Facebook and unlimited text to all networks FB30 promo, 30 pesos valid for 3 days.
Facebook has now become part of our daily routine where we need to check news, updates, feeds, videos and connect with friends online.
With Touch Mobile ‘TM’, you can now enjoy unlimited texts to all networks at the same time access your FB account for only 30 pesos. Their latest promo called FB30 lets you register those services good for 3 days.
This promo is available nationwide, so all TM prepaid subscribers have a chance to register and try this out. Unlike other TM promos, you can’t extend FB30 validity for another one or more days for 5 pesos. If you want to extend for 3 days, you need to register again using the same keyword.
TM Facebook FB30

How to Register Touch Mobile FB 30 Facebook Promo

Registration is hassle free, unlike ASTIGFB10 you only need to text the keyword FB30 one-time to enjoy 3 days Facebook promo plus unlimited texts to all networks. The allocated data for FB internet is 300MB, after you reached the limit normal browsing rate will apply or you can subscribe for another data promo from TM.

To register:
Just text FB30 to 8080
300MB data for Facebook
Unlimited text to all network (Sun, Smart, Globe, TNT etc.)
Price: Only 30 pesos
Valid: 3 days

You need P1.00 maintaining balance on your account to continue using this service. After successful registration you need to wait for the SMS confirmation before you start using this promo to avoid regular load charges. The only unfavorable factor for this promo is that it doesn’t include minutes of call to Globe/TM and Facebook is not unlimited.