How to Check Globe GoSurf Remaining Data Balance using DATATRACK

How to inquire your remaining data usage balance or MB's left with Globe Gosurf promo using data track.
There are few ways you can use if you want to check your remaining data used when you subscribed to Globe GoSakto GoSurf promos.
You can inquire how many KB’s, MB’s or GB’s left via data manager app or use the USSD menu *143# and then thru SMS. It’s up to you on what method you are comfortable with on checking your account.

If you’re not registered to Globe unlisurf promo and need to monitor your mobile internet usage, you can use their data tracking service for free thru text.

Globe GoSurf Mobile Data Usage Balance Inquiry

Use DATA TRACK keyword to check your Gosurf status, it will provide you the details on the expiry date, usage and other helpful information. Just follow the correct format and access number for your reference.

Just text DATATRACK to 8080
Or use GOSURF STATUS send to 8080

Here’s a sample message:
“You’re currently registered to GoSurf with remaining 40747KB of mobile data, valid until (expiry date). To stop you’re GoSurf, text STOP. To track your data usage, text DATATRACK send to 8080. Please remember stopping your GoSurf will forfeit unused mobile data.”

Monitoring your remaining data is very useful as Globe also offers EXTEND a Gosurf promo for 5 pesos, where you can roll over your un-used data for another day.