Globe GoUNLI50 - Unli call and All Net Texts only 50 Pesos for 3 days

Register to Globe GOUNLI50 promo to enjoy unlimited texts to all networks for 3 days plus call and surf at 50 pesos only.
I always text to other networks and call within Globe and TM users that’s why I found this very affordable promo from Globe prepaid called GOUNLI50.
It gives you unli calls and unlimited texts to all networks good for 3 days. You only spend 50 pesos for almost 1 week of using this promo plus you also have 50MB of surfing. To register you can follow the format and keyword provided below.

GoUNLI50 code

How to Register GoUNLI50 Promo

Just text GOUNLI50 to 8080

Unli calls to Globe and TM
Unlimited texts to all networks
50MB data for internet browsing
Valid for 3 days
Only 50 pesos

You can also register to GOUNLI50 via rewards points, just ITEMS to 4438 then look for this denomination to know the format. For example text REDEEM GOUNLI50 to avail this promo. You need to earn rewards points first before you can redeem. Rewards points are earned when you regularly load you Globe mobile number account. I’m not sure if how much/many points needed to claim for GOUNLI50 reward, you can check it by sending ITEMS.

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We also received messages that some Globe users are having difficulty on registration to GOUNLI50 and experienced problem calling to desired number. Hope this promo is not yet expired as many users using this cheapest unli call and texts to all promo. Upon checking with *143# menu, I couldn’t locate option for GOUNLI50 hope this is not a sign of promo expiration. Please let us know your thoughts by hitting comment box below.