Globe Rewards ITEMS List and Equivalent Points Needed to Redeem

Globe list of rewards items, promo code and number of points needed to redeem.
Globe offers a rewards system to their loyal prepaid and postpaid subscribers by converting their points to another Telco, non-Telco and partners services.
You can use your points to redeem unlimited calls and text, unlitext to all networks, mobile internet surfing, SMAC points and Medicash.
You need to follow the format to REDEEM and use your points, use the promo keyword then send it to 4438. Prior to redeeming your points you can do a balance inquiry on how many Globe rewards points you have by simply sending BAL. You’ll receive an SMS with details of your total and regular points with the expiry date.
Globe Rewards

List of Globe Rewards Items, No. of Points and Promo Code

Here the list of new items that you can avail when you use your Globe rewards points. Simply follow the sample text format on how to redeem a particular item, then send it to 4438. Redeemable promo includes GOUNLI, GOSURF, UNLI20, GCOMBO, Medicash, SMAC and SULTXT.

Globe Rewards Redeem ITEMS CodeRequired Points
GCALL5 (Get 5 minutes call to Globe/TM for 1 day)1 point
GSURF5 (Redeem 1 data internet worth 5MB for 1 day)1 points
GC5 (2 minutes call and 10 texts for 1 day)1 point
GC3 (1-minute call and 5 SMS for 1 day)1 point
FB1D (Redeem this code to get Facebook access for 1 day)1 point
INSTAG1D (Instagram acces for 1 day)1 points
TWITTER1D (Twitter data access for 1 day)1 point
FBMES1D (Use your FB Messenger for 1 day)1 point
VIBER1D(Viber app access for 1 day)1 point
GC10 (Get 5 minutes call to Globe/TM plus 25 texts for 1 day)2 points
GOSAKTOCALL10 (Redeem 10mins. call to Globe/TM for 1 day)2 points
GOSAKTO10TEXT (50 texts to all networks for 1 day)2 points
GCALL10 (12-minutes call for 1 day)1 point
FB7D (All day Facebook access for 7 days)5 points
INSTAG7D (Instagram acces for 7 days)5 points
TWITTER7D (All day Twitter for 7 days)5 points
FBMES7D (Get 7-days access to FB Messenger)5 points
VIBER7D (Get all days access for 7 days using Viber app)5 points
FB15D (Post status and update with all day FB access for 15 days)10 points
INSTAG15D (15 days access to Instagram app. Data charges may apply.)10 points
TWITTER15D (Accesss your Twitter account for 15 days)10 points
FBMES15D (15 days chat access to FB Messenger)10 points
VIBER15D (Contact you friends using Viber app for 15 days)10 points
WAZE1D (100mb for 1 day access to Waze)7 points
WAZE3D (500MB Waze access for 7 days)40 points
WAZE30D (1GB data for Waze with 30 days validity)80 points
GTXT1 (5 SMS text to Globe/TM for 1 day)1 point
YOUTUBE20 (200MB YouTube access for 1 day)11 points
GOUNLI20 (unlicalls to Globe/TM+20 SMS to all networks+15MB mobile data for 1 day)4 points
Globe GOUNLI25 (unli-calls to Globe/TM+unlitext to all networks+all-day Viber for 1 day)5 points
GOUNLI50 (unlicalls to Globe/TM+unlitext to all networks+50MB for 1 day)10 points
GOUNLI95 (See link for the description)17 points
SULITXT15 (100 SMS to Globe/TM for 1 day)3 points
UNLI20 (unli-text to Globe/TM for 1 day)4 points
GCALL20 (30 mins. call to Globe/TM for 1 day)4 points
GCOMBO20 (80 SMS & 5 mins call to Globe/TM for 1 day)4 points
GOSAKTO17 (Redeem unli call to Globe/TM + 50 texts)4 points
GCOMBO30 (100 SMS & 8 mins of calls to Globe/TM for 1 day)8 points
UNLI40 (unli-text to Globe/TM for 2 days)8 points
SMAC100 (100 SM Advantage card points)130 points
SMAC200 (200 SM Advantage card points)260 points
SMAC500 (500 SM Advantage card points)650 points
SMAC1000 (1000 SM Advantage card points)1300 points
GOSURF10 (40mb surf for 1 day)2 points
GOSURF15 (40mb surf for 2 days)3 points
GOSURF30 (100mb surf for 1 day)6 points
GOSURF50 (1GB surf for 3 days)10 points
GOSURF99 (200MB for 30 days)20 points
POGO10 (100MB data Pokemon Go access for 1-day)5 points
POGO15 (Pokemon Go access for 2 days with 100MB data )7 points
POGO99 (1GB data Pokemon Go access)25 points
HOOQ149 (300MB data for HOOQ valid for 30 days)15 points
HOOQ299 (HOOQ access for 1-month with 1GB data allocation)30 points
HOOQ499 (2GB data to stream with HOOQ app)60 points
MEDICASHDEN (1 year insurance from Dengue)280 points
MEDICASHLEP (1 year insurance from Leptospirosis)65 points
BIG300 (AirAsia flights to BIG points)100 points
BIG900 (AirAsia flights to BIG points)300 points
BIG1500 (AirAsia flights to BIG points)500 points

To avail or redeem using Globe rewards points, text REDEEM ITEM CODE send to 4438 (ex: REDEEM GOSURF15).

See available TM Rewards for much affordable items for call, text and data.

Or you can dial *143#, select REWARDS then Redeem Rewards. You can also download the Globe Rewards App on Google Play store.

Globe and TM both offers rewards when you reload your SIM account. Every load you receive has corresponding points, the bigger the load, the more points you earned. Do note that Pasaload or Share a Load does not count for rewards points. To unsubscribe or stop Globe redeemed rewards you may try using the [Promo Code] STOP, if it doesn't work you can use their hotline to ask for assistance. 


  1. Please check how many points I have in addition to my 917 bonus points I have as of 9/17/19 (I received this info thru text from Globe). I don't have an SMAdvantage Card (SMAC), but my wife has. Can I transfer my points to her? She also is a GLOBE "loyalist" I am 86, my wife is 81 so we don't know how to follow procedures like claiming rewards points. Please help us. Thank you.


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