List of TM Rewards - Call, Text, Surf, App and Partners

With Touch Mobile Rewards loyalty program you can use your earned points to avail call, text and data promos.
All Touch Mobile loyal prepaid subscribers can now enjoy the TM rewards loyalty program where you can earn points every time you reload your account. The good thing is you do not need to register or enroll to become eligible for this program. All you need to do is use a TM SIM card when you register for a call, text and surf promos. Every reload gives you corresponding points that you can use to redeem rewards.
You can exchange your earned points to a promo that you wish to avail. Choose from options like combo call and text, app access (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, FB Messenger etc.), online games and mobile surfing. Just make sure you have enough points before you proceed to redeem process.
TM Rewards

Touch Mobile Rewards and Required Points

The mechanics are almost the same with Globe Rewards, you need to text the keyword ITEMS to know the full list of rewards and item code. You also need P1.00 maintaining balance for every successful transaction.
Here’s the tutorial on How to Redeem TM Rewards using your earned points.

TM Rewards
KeywordRewards DetailsRequired Points
GOSURF1040MB Facebook or Apps valid for 1 day2
GOSURF1540MB Facebook or Apps valid for 2 days3
GOSURF30100MB Facebook and apps for 2 days6
GOSURF50700MB Facebook for 3 days10
TMTAWAG55 minutes TM calls for 1 day1
TMTAWAG1012 minutes calls for 1 day2
TMTAWAG1520 minutes calls to TM/Globe for 1 day3
TMTAWAG2030 minutes calls for 1 day4
TMCOMBO1010 minutes calls + texts to all networks for 1 day2
TMCOMBO153 minutes calls + 60 texts for 1 day3
TMCOMBO30120 texts + 10 minutes calls for 1 day6
TMCOMBO50200 texts + 25 minutes calls for 1 day10
TMC35 texts and 1 min. calls to TM/Globe for 1 day1
TMC52 minutes calls to TM/Globe + 10 texts for 1 day1
TMC105 minutes calls + 25 texts for 1 day2
CA10Unlimited texts and calls to TM/Globe + 50 texts to all networks for 1 day3
CA20Unlimited texts and calls to TM/Globe + 50 texts to all networks for 3 days5
COMBO15Unlimited TM texts + 50 texts to all networks + 10 minutes calls for 2 days3
TMFB1DUnli Facebook for 1 day1
FBMES7DFB Messenger for 7 days10
FBMES15DFB Messenger for 15 days20
TWITTER1DUnli Twitter for 1 day1
TWITTER7DTwitter access for 7 days10
TWITTER15DTwitter access for 15 days20
INSTAG1DInstagram access for 1 day2
INSTAG7DInstagram access for 7 days10
INSTAG15DInstagram access for 15 day20
SNAP1DSnapchat access for 1 day7
SNAP7DSnapchat access for 7 days30
WECHAT1D100MB WeChat access for 1 day7
POGO10100MB Pokemon Go access for 1 day5
POGO15100MB Pokemon Go access 2 days7
POGO991GB Pokemon Go data for 30 days25
HOOQ59300MB HOOQ data for 7 days10
HOOQ149300MB HOOQ data for 30 days15

You can also convert your rewards to cashpoints and convert it to SM Advantage card points. 

TM SMAC Rewards
KeywordRewards DetailsRequired Points
SMAC100100 SMAC points for shopping130
SMAC200200 SMAC points260
SMAC500500 SMAC points additional to you SM card650
SMAC10001000 SMAC points1300

To check the list of store partners, just text CASHPOINTS to 4438. You can Stop and opt out TM astig rewards by sending the keyword STOP or YES to 4438. For more redeemable items, just visit TM Rewards website for latest updates.