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How to Redeem TM Rewards - Check Balance and Share Points

How to redeem TM Rewards, check balance and share earned points via *143#, GlobeOne app, and SMS text.
Touch Mobile introduced their latest promo called rewards points where you can earn corresponding points on every reload using your TM SIM. This Astig Rewards is available to all…
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 Touch Mobile introduced their latest promo called rewards points where you can earn corresponding points on every reload using your TM SIM. This Astig Rewards is available to all their prepaid subscribers nationwide, there is no membership or registration needed as long as you’re using their network SIM.

Redeem TM Rewards

Redeem TM Rewards

You can earn points on every reload or by sharing. Sharing is open to TM and Globe subscribers where you need only P1 charge for every successful points sharing transaction. If you’re familiar with Globe Rewards, this works almost the same to that from how to redeem items, balance points, share, list of store partners, and more.

How To Redeem TM Rewards

If you already earned more points, you can now check all available items you can redeem. For as many as five (2) points, you can choose from the list of TM rewards. Follow the steps below to redeem.

Via *143#

  1. Just dial *143# 
  2. Select Rewards
  3. Select Redeem Rewards 
  4. Select Telco Products, 
  5. Choose from the list of rewards available. 

You can redeem rewards 10 times per week. 

Via GlobeOne app

  1. Open your GlobeOne app
  2. On the app home page, tap Rewards Points
  3. Select from Promos, Donations, and Other tab.
  4. Choose your desired item from the rewards catalog
  5. Click Redeem button.

The required points will automatically be deducted from your account after a successful redemption.

Via Text

The previous method is texting REDEEM ITEM CODE to 4438 (Example: REDEEM FB1D send to 4438).

Sample format: REDEEM TMFB1D send to 4438

Share TM Rewards Points

As of this moment Sharing of Points from TM Rewards is unavailable. Meanwhile, you can still share or use the gift a promo using your TM Rewards points by following this steps below.

  1. Just dial *143# 
  2. Select Rewards 
  3. Select  Gifting
  4. Enter the 10-digit number (example: 9751234567) of your friend or the person that will receive your TM rewards gift
  5. Select the promo from the list of Telco Products that you want to gift. You can gift or send rewards 3 times a day (maximum of 500 points).

You can also via text keyword by following the how to gift a promo method below.

Just ext GIFT (space) ITEM CODE (space) 10-digit mobile number and send to 4438.

Example: GIFT GOSURF30 9751234567 and send to 4438.

Check TM Rewards Balance

Here's how to check your remaining or earned points from your TM account. 

  1. Just dial *143# 
  2. Select Rewards 
  3. Select Check Globe Rewards Points 
  4. Select Total Available Points, and wait for the SMS. 

You can also see your points via the GlobeOne app. The previous method is texting BAL to 4438.

That’s it, to those who don’t want to receive notifications from 4438, just text STOP to 4438. For other updates about Touch Mobile rewards, you can visit Republika ng TM's website and social media pages.


plongexshao said…
how to stop tm rewards?I
Anonymous said…
I have 60 points but cant even use it. Been trying to redeem almost everyday but it always reply with "Sorry, hindi pa pwedeng maprocess ang request mo.please try again later." HELLO!i have been trying every hour for almost a month..did'nt succeed even once! then your always reminding that my points will be expiring on march 31?????its a joke!i cant even share my points!
Unknown said…
how to stop registered rewards in TM? Thanks
Ice said…
Di po gumagana yung pag share ng points bakit po?? Malapit ng magexpire to plsssssss pasagot
Anonymous said…
Kahit sakin hindi gumagana UwU