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How to Redeem Globe Rewards Points - Via Text and GlobeOne App

Here's how to redeem your Globe Rewards points via text and GlobeOne App then convert it to a load or promo for calls, texts, data, voucher and more.
Claim or redeem your Globe Rewards points with awesome items for mobile internet promos, calls, texts, shopping vouchers, dining,, donation, entertainment and many more. You are r…
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Claim or redeem your Globe Rewards points with awesome items for mobile internet promos, calls, texts, shopping vouchers, dining,, donation, entertainment and many more. You are rewarded by Globe points every time you reload, shop and book on any Globe partners nationwide. No registration nis eeded, it's both available to postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

You can earn as many points using your Globe account and even Globe at Home, TM, Prepaid WiFi and AutoloadMax retailers can enjoy the rewards.

Redeem Globe Rewards

Redeem Globe Rewards Points

You may redeem Globe promos, share, use them as vouchers, donate it to support for a cause and even convert it into loyalty programs like SM Advantage Card and others. We list down all the methods available for you to enjoy your hard-earned points. You are given many options on how you can redeem Globe rewards. Choose which one is convenient for you.

Redeem Globe Rewards via Text

Just text the code REDEEM <space> ITEM CODE and send to 4438.
Ex. REDEEM UNLI20 then send to 4438
Note: If this option doesn't work for you, you can quickly proceed to the next available methods below. Php1 per sending / transaction.
ITEM CODEDescriptionRequired Points
GCALL5Get 5 minutes call to Globe/TM for 1 day1
GSURF5 Redeem 1 data internet worth 5MB for 1 day1
TWITTER1DTwitter data access for 1 day)1
FBMES1DUse your FB Messenger for 1 day)1
VIBER1DViber app access for 1 day)1
GC10Get 5 minutes call to Globe/TM plus 25 texts for 1 day2
GCALL1012-minutes call for 1 day)1
FB7DAll day Facebook access for 7 days5
INSTAG7D Instagram acces for 7 days5
TWITTER7DAll day Twitter for 7 days5
FBMES7DGet 7-days access to FB Messenger5
VIBER7DGet all days access for 7 days using Viber ap)5
TWITTER15DAccesss your Twitter account for 15 days10
FBMES15D15 days chat access to FB Messenger10
WAZE30D1GB data for Waze with 30 days validity80
GTXT15 SMS text to Globe/TM for 1 day1
YOUTUBE20200MB YouTube access for 1 day11
GOUNLI20unlicalls to Globe/TM+20 SMS to all networks+15MB mobile data for 1 day4
Globe GOUNLI25unli-calls to Globe/TM+unlitext to all networks+all-day Viber for 1 day5
GOUNLI50unlicalls to Globe/TM+unlitext to all networks+50MB for 1 day10
GOUNLI95See link for the description17
SULITXT15100 SMS to Globe/TM for 1 day3
UNLI20unli-text to Globe/TM for 1 day4
GCALL2030 mins. call to Globe/TM for 1 day4
GCOMBO2080 SMS & 5 mins call to Globe/TM for 1 day4
GOSAKTO17Redeem unli call to Globe/TM + 50 texts4
SMAC200200 SM Advantage card points260
SMAC500500 SM Advantage card points650
SMAC10001000 SM Advantage card points1300
GOSURF1040mb surf for 1 day2
GOSURF1540mb surf for 2 days3
GOSURF30100mb surf for 1 day6
GOSURF501GB surf for 3 days10
GOSURF99200MB for 30 days20
POGO10100MB data Pokemon Go access for 1-day5
POGO15Pokemon Go access for 2 days with 100MB data7
POGO991GB data Pokemon Go access)25
HOOQ149300MB data for HOOQ valid for 30 days15
HOOQ299HOOQ access for 1-month with 1GB data allocation30
BIG900AirAsia flights to BIG points300
BIG1500AirAsia flights to BIG points500

Check out full Globe Rewards List available here.

Via *143#

The easiest and more preferred way to redeem you rewards is via *143# USSD code menu. Just follow the procedure below and select you preferred offer based on your rewards points balance.

  1. Dial *143#.
  2. Select option for Rewards.
  3. Select option for Redeem Rewards.
  4. Select options Telco Products, Vouchers, Points Conversion and Donation.
  5. Choose you desired item to redeem.
  6. Choose Redeem to subscribe.

Here are the available rewards via *143# menu.

ITEM CODEDescriptionRequired Points
REWUNLICALL_GPUnli call to Globe/TM for 1 day2
REWCOMBO4_GPUnli call to Globe/TM, unli all net texts for 1 day4
SURF1GB_GP1GB surfing for 1 day10
REWCALL_GPUnli calls to Globe/TM, 100MB data4
REWTXT_GPUnli all-net texts to Globe/TM, 100MB data4
REWCOMBO10_GPUnli call to Globe/TM, all-net texts for 1 day)6
SURF100MB_GP100MB surfing for 1 day2
SURF250MB_GP250MB surfing for 1 day4
SURF500MB_GP500MB surfing for 1 day6

Redeem Via New GlobeOne App

This method requires you to install the New GlobeOne app on your smartphone and link your Globe mobile number. To download it, you need internet connection or register to any Globe internet promo. There are many options you can choose using the app, check down below how you can redeem using your rewards points.

  1. Download and install New GlobeOne app.
  2. Go to Rewards tab.
  3. Click Redeem.
  4. Select options for Promos, Donations and Others.
  5. Choose your desired rewards.
  6. Click Redeem to subscribe.

Rewards PromoRequired Points
Unli call to Globe/TM for 1 day2
100MB data for 1 day2
20 mins. call and 20 text for 1 day2
2GB data for 3 days30
5GB data for 1 day50
Regular Load 5050
100GB Volume Boost for 7 days (Wired)100
50GB Volume Boost for 7 days (Wireless)100
15GB surfing for 7 days199
Php500 Bill Rebate500
Php1 Donate to ABS CBN Foundation1
Php1 Donate to GMA Foundation1
Php1 Donate to Hopeline Philippines1
Php1 Donate to PGH Medical Foundation1
Php1 Donate to Tzu Chi1

For postpaid subscribers using GPlan Plus 999-2499 you can use the convert option available on the new GlobeOne app to convert your unused GB's to rewards points. Just click the Convert option then select your Globe account. For a limited time this offer is also available to Globe prepaid, TM, Prepaid WiFi customers.

Share Globe Rewards Points

To share rewards points, just text SHARE (space) the 11-digit mobile number of the recipient where you want to send points (space) No. of points then send to 4438.

You can share up to five (5) times in a day. P1 per transaction will be charged to the sender on every successful transaction.

Example format: SHARE 09069999999 10 and send to 4438.

If you having trouble or you encountered an error while trying to redeem rewards points, sharing points may not be available at the moment. Don't you worry, you can still share rewards points to another mobile number or account before it expires using the following Gift Rewards methods below.

  1. Dial *143# menu.
  2. Select the option for Rewards.
  3. Select Gifting.
  4. Enter the 10-digit number of the recipient of the points (Example: 9061234567).
  5. Choose your desired rewards gift.
  6. Choose Redeem to subscribe.

Here's another option via SMS:

You can also text GIFT (space) ITEM CODE (space) 10-digit mobile number and send to 4438. Example: GIFT GOSURF99 9271234567 and send to 4438.

Did you know that Globe launched Rewards system where you can Convert Globe Rewards Points to Actual Cash – Points to Peso.

Globe Rewards Points Balance Inquiry

To check your balance points, just text BAL to 4438. You can also dial via USSD code *143# and select options for 'Rewards' then 'Check Globe Rewards Points' to know your total remaining points available. It is also available via the GlobeOne app, just scroll down to Rewards list and Freebies tab.

For more details, you can always visit Globe's official website or dial 211 using your mobile phone if you have concerns regarding Globe Rewards.


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