GOUNLI25 - Unlimited Call to Globe/TM and Text to All Networks Promo

Register to Globe GoUNLI25 and enjoy unlimited call and unli-text to all networks for only 25 pesos plus free access to Viber chat app.
Good news to all Globe subscribers, you can now enjoy unlimited call and text for only 25 pesos plus Viber chat with GOUNLI25. 
Another good news is that this promo now comes with unlimited text to all networks at the same price. After they offer their unlimited text to all networks with  GOUNLI30, here’s another affordable combo promo package with a bonus of free social chat messaging app Viber.

Sarah Geronimo on Globe GOUNLI25
Start informing your friends and contacts that you’re on now Viber when you register with this promo. If you have no account yet, gotta create one for you to make use of this promo bundle. In addition, you can enjoy sharing cute smileys, photos, sweet messages and location using this chat app. With this promo no need for you to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot to use Viber App.

How to Register GOUNLI25  Promo

Subbsciption to GOUNLI25 can be done via SMS keyword and USSD Globe GoSakto *143# menu.
Via SMS:

Just text GOUNLI25 to 8080

GoSakto menu:

  1. Dial *143#
  2. Select option 6 for Combo Promos
  3. Select 1 for GOUNLI promos
  4. Selecct option 6 or GOUNLI25 to register.


  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Unlimited calls to Globe and TM
  • Free FB + App of Choice (Viber, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Yahoo,Foursquare and Wechat)
  • Only 25 pesos
  • Valid for 1 day
If you want longer days of expiration for this promo, you can register to GOUNLI with 3 days validity, 7 days and 1 month. Just register to any of those promo validity periods. See list below for other GOUNLI with Viber denominations.

More GoUNLI offers:

All of the above denomination offers unlimited call to Globe/TM and unli text to all networks.


  1. Anonymous1/21/2014

    what will i dial when using this promo is there no need for *--- something like that

  2. DO i need to turn on my 3g for this?


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