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Manual GPRS, MMS, 3G Network Internet Settings on Your Android Mobile Phone

Here’s how to configure GPRS, MMS, and 3G internet settings on your network using Android Phone . Android is most popular OS used on mobile brand like Samsung , HTC, Sony, LG, Motor…
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Here’s how to configure GPRS, MMS, and 3G internet settings on your network using Android Phone. Android is most popular OS used on mobile brand like Samsung, HTC, Sony, LG, Motorola, Panasonic, Asus, Amazon, Acer and to our local manufactures like Cherry Mobile, MyPhone, DTC, Cloudfone, Torque, Starmobile, O+ plus. Steps provided below for manual configuration of your network settings to access mobile internet or send multimedia messages. You may continue reading more after the jump break.
Android Manual  Network Settings

How to Configure GPRS, MMS, 3G Network Internet Settings:

Accessing mobile network settings using Android 2.X versions

  1. On your Android phone Menu, Go to Settings
  2. On Settings, select Wireless & networks
  3. On Wireless & network settings, select Mobile networks
  4. Tap Access Point Names
Accessing mobile network settings using Android 4.X versions

  1. On your Android phone Menu, Go to Settings
  2. On Settings, tap on More
  3. Then tap Mobile networks then select Access Point Names
(All network access point names will be display e.g  Smart, Globe, Sun. From there you can edit, or modify your current network settings, just select the Access point name you want to modify. If you found no access point you may try steps below for manual configuration )
Smart Internet APN settings
Smart Internet APN settings
For manual GPRS/3G/MMS Configuration settings

4. Tap the Menu key then select New APN
5. Under Name text box enter APN name then OK
Ex.  Smart Internet, MyGlobe INET, Sun INTERNET or any name you want
6. Under APN text box enter APN then OK
Ex. internet,, wap, minternet
7. Under Proxy text box enter Proxy then OK
Ex., or empty as some network doesn’t require proxy
8. Under Port text box enter Port number then OK
Ex. 80, 8080 or empty as some network doesn’t require port
9. Under Username text box enter username if required then OK
Tips: Most networks does not requires username, just leave it blank
10. Under Password text box and enter password if required then OK
Tips: Most networks does not requires username, just leave it blank
11. Under MMSC text box enter network MMSC then OK
Tips: This is for MMS settings you can leave it blank
12. Under MMS proxy text box and enter Proxy then OK
Ex.,, or empty as some network doesn’t require port
13. Under MMS port text box and enter Prot number then OK
Ex. 80, 8080 or empty as some network doesn’t require port
14. Under MCC text box and enter MCC then OK
Ex. 515, or empty as some network doesn’t require port
15. Under MNC text box and enter MNC then OK
Ex. 02,05,03 or empty as some network doesn’t require port
02 - Globe
03 - Smart
05 - Sun Cellular
16. Select PAP on Authentication type.
17. On APN type, choose Internet if you are creating APN for browsing, select MMS if you creating an MMS APN. 
18. Leave other fields empty
Tips: Most networks doesn’t require details on other fields, you can leave it blank
19. Press the Menu key then Save.

Globe APN settings
myGlobe INET APN settings Android JB

Steps may slightly differ on steps above depending on you phone and network. Just input the basic network details needed on your network correctly and it will work for you.

If you want to configure your network settings you may read this post, just follow above steps and key in the right data on each field depending on your mobile network or SIM. Note that this is post created to help beginners.


Unknown said…
I am a Globe/TM user and my network doesn't require any proxy or port in my android phone. Thanks!
Unknown said…
my sun gprs is activated, but when i try to connect nothing happens..the box with the upload and download arrows does not appear as it does when i'm using globe ... any solution?
Anonymous said…
matagal po bang mag send talaga pag MMS? Samsung s1 po yung akin Globe.? may E po sa taas na lumabas pag tapos ko po i check yung packet data.
Unknown said…
Is your phone dual sim?
Anonymous said…
my globe gprs want to activate.. i follow this setting but still not work my phone is xperia j.. .. any idea how it works?
Unknown said…
ehy, i did all this steps and yet my gprs service isn't working, i'm using a CM Omega HD,
can you pls help me!???
Anonymous said…
gud am im using sony xperia LT22i i cant use my internet can any help me give me a manual internet setting for it i use smart sim
Unknown said…
Good pm im using a HTC one X(at&t) and i tried doing what is posted but still i cant use mobile internet. please help
leonard said…
it works at my nokia 311 asha.. so fun while browsing 4g sgnal. 14mbps
jeny said…
im using samsung anycall but still it is an android phone, i tried to follow the steps but its doesnt work.
Unknown said…
me too
Beesgee Sago said…
Check your data connections, make sure that it is ON by selecting the SIM whereyour APN is created since it's Dual po...Settings>More Settings>Mobile networks>Data Connection,, it somewhere there... hope it helps..
rm said…
i'm using a myphone a848i duo and followed the steps, yet still no connection.. help please! i'm a sun cellular carrier, thanks!
Beesgee Sago said…
try to configure it with minternet APN Sun Internet Settings leave proxy and port empty. hope it helps
rm said…
still didn't work, kaka frustrate haha! :/ whenever i tried opening or activating the data connection the sun signal switches itself off, no gprs or 3g icons comes out too, as i suppose there should be an E or an H icon over the signal bar.. the sim card has a menu wherein you can get gprs settings, i tried requesting for the settings but never came, tried the SETTINGS & ACTIVATE to 2300 but the msg i recieved said that my internet settings couldnt be sent to my phone right now..
Anonymous said…
it doesnt work on my xperia L... the icon for internet doesnt appear:(
Joelo said…
its useless.. still not working!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
hi. im using LG optimus LTE L-01D. i've tried the steps. i wont work. my gprs is already activated. hEELLLPP!! thanks!
Joseph Anthony said…
it pretty much worked for me. may lumabas ng 3G / H sa status bar. e kaso lang d pa rin mkakonek sa smart site. anyway i have Samsung galaxy 5. it helped a lot. thanks!
Unknown said…
how to activate 3G in voice extrme v20 in Pakistan.
Anonymous said…
Help me please
Anonymous said…
Put a Bomb in ur A$$ and then detonate it.. Than BAmmm.. BOOM PANES!
Anonymous said…
Pa help nmn po sakin po premium copy Korea ng tab6 model 6130 pa help nmn pro saAPN settings..thank you
Jeson said…
sa akin naman fhonetab asusk012 ayaw parin gumama tinetxt ko naman sa set 211 wala naman ng rereply ay sa sim menu wala rin ng rereply ang dami ko naman load
Anonymous said…
fuck you
Unknown said…
Yung akin Torque tab and i'm using globe sim. I tried to text GO sa 2951 pero hindi nagsesend kahit may load ako. Tapos pag on ko yung data network laging E lang lumalabas at hindi nag H. Pano ko kaya maayos to?
Anonymous said…
same prob.. :(
Anonymous said…
can u help me pls my phone is XPERIA Z , network here is TM.. need po ba talaga ng load before i could activate my GPRS? repz pls thank u...

Anonymous said…
hayzttz its hard to make a proxy ... i doesnt work in me
Anonymous said…
thank you to the above post owner. very helpful. best regards bro (Y) :)
Anonymous said…
Patulong naman po, di po kasi ako makagpagnet gamit phone ko. kahit naka-On na data connection ko di parin gumagana,
Anonymous said…
Z160 po ang model ng phone ko, di ko na magamit ang internet ng mobile ko. bakit po kaya? patulong naman oh,
Unknown said…
help me pls...lenovo A680 phone ko,, thanks
Unknown said…