SSS Text Inquiry - Get Status of your Contributions and Loan thru SMS

Register to SSS text inquiry service to get updated with your contributions, loan application status and more via SMS right to your phone.
You can now receive updates on your SSS account via text inquiry with this Text service offered to all members. You can get updates on your loan balance, loan contributions applic…

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You can now receive updates on your SSS account via text inquiry with this Text service offered to all members. You can get updates on your loan balance, loan contributions application, disability, sickness, maternity and retirement status thru text. To register, you may for the simple steps provided below with your correct details and info and you can now receive updates right from your phone.

If you don't have internet connection to register SSS online, you can use this method to keep up to date with your account. It's less hassle than going to your nearest SSS branch and wait for a long line queue. No need to spend fare and you can save time. All you need is active mobile number and a smart phone using the SSS mobile app.

SSS Text Inquiry

How to Inquire SSS Loan, Contribution and Status Via Text

Text SSS is a text based facility that allows a members to inquire information of their account via SMS. Just follow the format or command below for your reference.

How to register SSS text inquiry?

Just type SSS REG (SSS Number) (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY) then send to 2600. Then wait for a reply message  from 2600 for the 4 digit PIN.

SSS text Inquiry Registration

Example: SSS REG 2244668800 11/22/1985

Inquire nearest SSS branch

Just text SSS BRANCH CITY/ZIPCODE then send to 2600.

Check your Loan Status, Balance and Contribution Inquiry

Check your loan and status inquiry using the code or keyword LOANSTAT.

Just type SSS LOANSTAT (SSS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600

Check your loan balance using LOANBAL keyword.

Just type SSS LOANBAL (SSS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600

Check your contribution status using CONTRIB keyword.

Just type SSS CONTRIB (SSS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600

SSS Inquiry Text to 2600

You may also check Contribution Online Inquiry

Check Disability, Sickness, Maternity and Retirement Benefits


Just text SSS STATUS Disability (SSS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600


Just text SSS STATUS Sickness (SSS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600


Just text SSS STATUS Maternity (SSS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600


Just text SSS STATUS Retirement (SSS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600


Just text SSS STATUS Funeral (SS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600


Just text SSS STATUS Death (SS Number) (PIN) then send to 2600

Check List of Requirements via Text

  • SSS DOC Sickness
  • SSS DOC Maternity
  • SSS DOC Disability
  • SSS DOC Death
  • SSS DOC Funeral
  • SSS DOC Retirement (For retirement less that 65 yrs old.)
  • SSS DOC Retirement Minor (For retirement with minor dependents)

Example: SSS DOC Sickness then send to 2600.

SSS UMID ID, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), Self-employed (SE) and Voluntary Member (VM) Text Inquiry

  • SSS ID

Example: SSS ID then send to 2600.

Reset SSS PIN Via Text

Just type SSS RESET (SSS Number) (Date of Birth MM/DD/YYYY) then send to 2600. Message from 2600 will be sent to your registered mobile number.

To get the list of keywords and other useful information, just text SSS Help then send to 2600.

SSS Inquiry Text Rates

  • For Smart/TNT and Globe/TM Subscribers – P2.50 per text.
  • For Sun Subscribers – P2.00 per text.

For other concerns you can always calls SSS hotline and toll free number.


  1. Anonymous4/07/2013


  2. Anonymous5/12/2013

    hello po how to avail an educational loan and terms of payment.

  3. Anonymous6/15/2013

    I think it is better if we can directly chat with SSS thru this site for quick response.It benefit the people that are so busy during the day. Reduced the hassle of traveling. Time saving.

  4. Anonymous9/02/2014

    Hi,' how will I know if I already reached 3 yrs of contributing?

  5. Anonymous12/09/2014

    Hello, how will I know if my educational loan is already been approved.

  6. Anonymous4/20/2015

    Did SSS really reply?

  7. Anonymous6/29/2015

    as of this date of comment, SSS text response is much faster than of their website itself. My office got a response quickly about his contribution update not being posted by SSS itself due to the fact it was sss system posting his SSS loan contribution to his previous loan that is already completed making it overpaid and making is current loan application being under paid. so in-short his current loan application is under-qualified. And infact same as mine. What-da-fact!..

  8. Hi san po ba makukuha ang PIN? gusto ko lng mcheck sickness benefit status ko nhihirapan po ako mkregister s site nyo di din kayo nsagot via email, n bnbgay nyo

  9. Nkpag loan na po ako sa sickness ko last yir,tanong ko po kung pwede pa ulit ako mkpag loan?

  10. Anonymous1/26/2017

    How many month po ba ang sss id na deliver? Sept 2016pa yata ako nag apply for the unified id

  11. Just like to know the status of my sickness benefits. Thanks

  12. Pede ho bang magtanong? Nagfile ako ng salary loan last october 21. Approved naman po. Pero up until now wala pa ko narereceive na cheke. I always check sa philpost branch dito smin halos 3 x a week. Nagka problema ho ba ang sss? Kasi yung mga kakilala ko na nag file ng nov 7 nakuha na nila yung cheke nila. Maraming salamat.

  13. I just want to follow up status of my UMID ID,when I can get it,and still dont received your text yet.its already 3 months.thank you please give me feedback

  14. My SSS account not log in ?


    Di ko po nabayaran ang condonation ko for April and May bec of the lockdown,this June ko lang po mababayaran.Wala po bang magiging problema sa loan payment ko?Thank you.


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