March 30, 2019

SSS Hotline Number - Toll Free Domestic and International 2019

You can now call Social Security System (SSS) hotline anywhere in the Philippines and even international member callers for free using your landline.
This toll free telephone number will cater all your SSS related concerns like online membership, benefits, loans, contributions, website problems and other account related inquiry. The new toll free number fall under ‘CALLSSS’ on your dialer for easier to remember in case you need to contact SSS using your telephone.  I believe 1-800-10 is number is from PLDT toll free service so if you’re landline is from this telco it would be much easier for you to dial in. Hopefully this will work on Globe telephone lines and also for mobile phones regardless what network you are.

SSS Toll Free Number
SSS toll free hotline number 1800-10-2255777 (image credit:

SSS Hotline Numbers

Just directly dial 1-800-10-2255777 or 1-800-10-CALLSSS.  For some telephone lines that are enrolled on PABX system, you need to dial a particular number to get a dial tone then dial the toll free number.

SSS Trunkline No. (632) 920-6401
SSS Call Center: 920-6446 to 55
IVRS: 917-7777

Toll-Free Hotline No.: 1-800-10-2255777

Update as of 2019. In compliance with NTC Memo Circular No. 04-07-2018, you can call SSS through the following numbers:

☎️ Hotline Number: 1455
☎️ SSS Call Center: (632) 7917-777
☎️ Corporate Number: (632) 8920-6401

OFW CONTACT SERVICES Section (OFW-CSS) - Available 24x5 Mondays 6AM to Saturdays 6AM (PHL Time)

  • 632 364-7796 - 632 364-7798
  • 632 920-6401 local 6358/6359

Mobile number (also available via Viber):

  • Globe: 0977-804-8668
  • Smart: 0998-847-4092

SSS International Toll Free Number

  • 800-863-0022 – Saudi Arabia
  • 00-800-100-260 – Qatar
  • 800-0630-0038 – United Arab Emirate (UAE)
  • 8000-6094 – Bahrain
  • 801-4275 – Brunei
  • 00-8000-CALL-SSS – Malaysia, Taiwan, Italy and United Kingdom (UK)
  • 001-8000-CALL-SSS – Singapore and Hong Kong

SSS International Toll Free Number
SSS International toll free numbers
If you’re having trouble on connecting above toll free numbers, you can visit their social media site like Facebook and Twitter for updates and inquiry. You can also email them directly at the following email-ad:

  • - For SSS OFW Contact Services unit.
  • - For SSS Member Electronic Services Department.
  • - For SSS Member Communications and Assistance Department.

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