How to Check Your SSS Contribution Using Online Inquiry System

Members can now check and view their SSS contribution payments made using Online Inquiry System.
Social Security System members can now check and get updated with their monthly paid contribution using SSS website online inquiry system.
All your payments made are uploaded to their online facility since your first contribution made. This e-service offered by SSS is very useful for you to know the actual premiums, total number and amount posted to your profile.
SSS Online Inquiry

You can also view details of your claims, sickness and maternity benefits, loan eligibility information, checklist of requirements and more details when you register to their online web inquiry.

How to Use SSS Online Inquiry Web Facility for Members

Before you can use their inquiry system, you need to follow SSS Online Registration for you to have an account. The registration process is almost the same when you create and sign up for a Facebook account, but you need to take note of the required personal details like CRN / SS number, name, birth date and active email address. Once you’re registered, you can quickly browse their webpage and explore your records.

How to View SSS Actual Premiums

Click on E-Services tab
Click on Inquiry
Click on Member Info then click on Actual Premiums tab to view payments made.

SSS Online Inquiry Payment
How to View SSS Claim Status Online

For sickness, maternity, medical claims you can go to SMEC tab then swipe to drop down options.

How to know list of SSS required documents to file a claim

On inquiry page, go to Documents tab then browse to drop down list e.g.  Death, disability, funeral, maternity, retirement and sickness claim.

SSS Online Loan
How to apply salary loan online

Go to E-Service then click on Apply for Salary Load. You need to input required field like loanable amount, complete address, postal code then process to continue online application.
You can also edit your profile to add mobile number and get notification update monthly everytime your SSS payment is posted. Simply click on the Member's Profile and click on Update Contact Info then input your 11 digit mobile number.

If you happen to forget your SS number, you can always visit your nearest SSS branch or office nearest you. You can also call their hotline for assistance and inquiry regarding online account.


  1. Hello SSS: I am in Canada and making my contributions thru Iremit. How can I register to see my contributions when I don't have an RS-5 receipt no. to key-in your on-line registration. Please advise

  2. Hi SSS,When I can received my SSS / UMID CARD,until now still dont received your text yet and its already 3 months.please reply

  3. Mgkno total amount ng sss ko

  4. Hi SSS how can i inquire my whole payments from year 2014 until now 2020?please i need a reply


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