GSAT “E14 No Authorization” or “No Access” Error

Fix GSAT TV box “E14 No Authorization” or “No Access” error when you encounter this kind of issue via activate, reload and refresh method.

If your new or existing GSAT Satellite Cable TV subscriber and you encountered this kind of error GSAT “E14 No Authorization” or “No Access”, it only means that you need to reload your TV Box account or your subscription already expired. You can check load status  to know your subscription expiry. The message will also appear if your TV box is newly installed and not yet activated.

GSAT E14 No Authorization

Fix E14 No Authorization or No Access

For newly GSAT TV box unit, you need to call your dealer to activate your account. You may get a  1-month free subscription upon installation. For old and existing subscribers, if your load expired you can follow our instructions Steps on How to Load GSAT using Smart / Globe Prepaid SIM. After reloading or activating your account, that error will now go away and your GSAT TV operation will be back to normal.

How to Refresh GSAT TV Box

If you still encounter the same error after doing above details on how to fix E14 No Authorization or No Access, you need to refresh your TV box by texting the keyword REFRESH (space) BOXNUMBER. See example format below.


  • REFRESH 7740537000123456
  • REFRESH 7740537100123456
  • REFRESH 02500123456 (11-digit only)
  • REFRESH 01800123456 (11-digit only)

Send to:

  • 46814769 (Smart)
  • 09191604728 (Globe/non-Smart)

Please make sure that your GSAT TV box is turned on when doing the REFRESH method via SMS text. Tuned in to Channel 1 and don’t switch to other channels within 5 minutes to avoid interruption during the activation process.

GSAT No Signal

The error occurs when you have a faulty or disconnected cable from you GSAT box to your TV. Kindly double check all the connected cable to avoid this kind of error. Do check also the INPUT source of your TV and set the where your GSAT box is connected i.e HDMI or RCA (Red, Yellow, White). Other no signal issue is when it rains heavily on your area or location that causes interruption and drop out.