Steps on How to Load GSat Direct TV using Globe, Smart and Sun Prepaid

Procedure on how to reload your GSAT satellite cable TV using Globe, Smart and Sun Cellular prepaid card sim.
If your location is not covered by a local cable TV company you have the option to go for satellite cable television. In the Philippines we have cable providers like PLDT Cignal, …
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If your location is not covered by a local cable TV company you have the option to go for satellite cable television. In the Philippines we have cable providers like PLDT Cignal, Sky Direct, Gsat, Parasat, Destiny and other operators. Each of them offers affordable SD and HD plans where you need to reload your account every month using retailers and via prepaid card.

In this post we will answer the question coming from our contact us page asking “How to load Gsat cable using Globe or, Smart sim” , we also include the loading procedure from other networks as a reference to other subscribers. Make sure to check your GSAT load status ot know the details and expiry date of your load.

How to Load GSat

Load Gsat Cable using Prepaid SIM

You can use any of the networks mentioned above, then simply follow the steps below. You can visit your Gsat provider and dealers, then buy a prepaid card e.g. (99. 300, 500 pesos for 30 days). For less-hassle you can choose load via GCash method.

How To Load GSAT GPINOY Format


  1. Lightly scratch off the protective label at the back of the prepaid card to reveal the Security Code.
  2. Use your phone, type the format GPINOY (space) BOX ID number (space) Security Code. Example: GPINOY 1234567891000000 0123456789123456. *Note:P1.00 cost per transaction (regular load).

Send to numbers:

  • 46814769 (for Smart and Sun users)
  • +639191604728 (for Globe / non-Smart users)

Other GSAT loading numbers:

Smart Communications
  • 0998-975-1200
  • 0949-889-0768

Globe Telecom

  • 0917-886-7360
  • 0917-816-3053

Sun Cellular

  • 0925-333-0444

Load GSAT HD via Text

On you mobile phone, type GSAT (space) BOXNUMBER (space) PIN. Then send to Smart, Sun and other networks below.

Format: GSAT 1234567891000000 0123456789123456

Send to:
  • 46814769 (for Smart and Sun users)
  • +639191604728 (for Glob e/ non-Smart users)
Other loading gateways:
  • 09985957313
  • 09985957314
  • 09258003417
  • 09178544728
  • 09178114728
  • 09178444728

Where to buy GSAT & GPINOY load?

You can load your account via dealer and loading merchants available nearest you.
  • GSAT and GPINOY CARDS are available nationwide
  • Cebuana Lhuiller
  • Load Central
  • ULoad Machine
  • TPC
  • GCASH Pay Bills
  • PayMaya

Tip: After reloading you can REFRESH GSAT Box via SMS text.

You will receive a confirmation text message to the mobile number you use to reload your GSat cable TV box. You can also visit your nearest Cebuana Lhuiller to load your Gsat by simply filling up the form then use the code given and follow above steps. For other concerns you can email them at or call hotline number (02) 8882 - 9999.


Jastine said…
but if i didnt receive a text message? what would I do?
Unknown said…
gud am.. how to load gsat direct tv using my globe retailer sim?
Unknown said…
I keep on sending the code but it hasn't loaded yet to our gsat box.
Unknown said…
Napakahirap naman magload ng gsat. Daming proseso. Daming tatawagan wala pa din
Sammy said…
Good day sir, just have to ask if i can load gsat using paymaya,, or gcash
Sammy said…
Good day sir, jst to ask something, if i can load gsat using gcash, paymaya or coinsph?
Unknown said…
Good morning i just want to ask if paano po mag load ng gsat gamit ang gcash? Thanks..
Unknown said…
tagal ng loading😩😩
Unknown said…
Good afternoon.please teach me on how to load my GSAT direct TV using my globe number thank you
Unknown said…
gud pm po.. how to load gsat direct tv using my globe retailer sim?
Unknown said…
good pm sir, paano magload ng gsat/gpinoy gamit ang prepaid sim ko.? kailangan bang may regular load ako, kahit may apps na akong loadmana
Chantie said…
I already type the codes and box number and send it to the number you gave but I never received any confirmation message what’s wrong?
Anonymous said…
Hi....hindi makaload gpinoy box no.7740537022171640,,,,since jan.1,2020,,ive send so many times....until now hindi hindi makapasok ang me
Unknown said…
Yan ang dahilan kaya nag switch kami s cignal cable.. Gago kasi symtem at proseso ng gsat..
Unknown said…
Always delayed in regestering gsat load 😒 Do you have any alternative ways to regestering load ??
Unknown said…
Grabi pahirapan mag load sa gsat.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Unknown said…
Can gsat be reloaded already eventhough it hasn't expired yet?
Unknown said…
Ano po ginamit mo sa pgload?
Unknown said…
Saan po makita ang box # gsat hd gamit namin
Unknown said…
What i am asking is how to reload our gsat hd using my prepaid using globe sim so what is the process in reloading using my globe prepaid load?
Unknown said…
Wag na kaayo gumamit Ng Gsat mahihirapan kaayo pag load.
Unknown said…
Bkt po hirap magload
Unknown said…
pwede po magload nang gsat using retailer sim?
Unknown said…
Good day po panu po mgload ng gsat hd gamit ang globe retailer sim?
Unknown said…
nag send na ko. Pero walang confirmation