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Globe Go90 - 8GB Data + Unli All-net Texts, only 90 Pesos for 7 Days

You 90 pesos can now enjoy Globe Go90 promo to get 8GB of open access data for 7 days plus unli all-net texts and 1GB of GoWiFi data.
If you used to register GoSAKTO90 , here is an upgraded offer to all Globe prepaid users called the Go90. This Go promo lets you worry no more with its bigger and more data allocat…
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If you used to register GoSAKTO90, here is an upgraded offer to all Globe prepaid users called the Go90. This Go promo lets you worry no more with its bigger and more data allocation for you 90 pesos. You can enjoy 8GB of consumable open access data for 7 days, plus non-stop texting to your friends and loved ones with the bundled unlimited text to all networks. It also includes free 1GB data GoWiFi access to Go-WiFi hotspot from Globe if it is available on your area.


Globe Go90 Promo

Promo description
  • 8GB open access data
  • Unli-text to all networks
  • 1GB GoWiFi
  • Only 90 pesos
  • Valid for 7 days

You can subscribe to this promo via the GlobeOne app, SMS, and USSD code. Do check the mechanics below for your reference.

How to Register Go90

You can register using the following methods: via SMS, USSD code, GlobeOne app, and GCash

Register Via SMS

Just text the keyword GO90 to 8080 and wait for the successful SMS confirmation.

Via *143#
  1. Dial *143# using your Globe phone.
  2. Choose Go.
  3. Choose Go90.
  4. Select Subscribe.
Via GlobeOne app

Make sure to download and install the GlobeOne app via PlayStore, AppGallery, and Apple App Store. Reload your prepaid account with at least ₱90 regular load.

  1. Login or register your prepaid mobile number.
  2. Go to the Buy Promos tab.
  3. Choose or input the account number you want to register.
  4. Scroll or browse then look for Go90 promo.
  5. Tap Subscribe to register.
  6. Wait for the SMS confirmation for Globe 8080.
Subscribe to GO90 via GCash App
  1. Open your GCash app and go to the dashboard.
  2. Select Load/Buy Load.
  3. Select Globe telco and enter the 11-digit mobile number, then tap Next to proceed.
  4. Select the tab for "Go" and then select Go90.
  5. Tap Buy Now and Pay to complete the transaction.
Add-ons to extend Globe Go90
  • GoBOOST15: ₱15 for an extra 1GB of open-access data
  • GoLONGER10: ₱10 for an extra 1-day validity
  • GoCALL10: ₱10 for unlimited calls to all networks
  • GoPLAY10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for popular games including Mobile Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift, and more
  • GoWATCH10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Viu, iWant TFC, HBO Go, and NBA
  • GoSHARE10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more
  • GoSHOP10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for popular shopping apps like Lazada, Shopee, and more
  • GoKOREAN10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for Korean content on Viu, Viki, YouTube, and Netflix
  • GoANIME10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for anime streaming on Crunchyroll, iQiyi, Netflix, and more
  • GoPINOY10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for local content on iWantTFC, Kumu, and Vivamax
  • GoLISTEN10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for music streaming on YouTube Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, and WeSing
  • GoRIDE10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for transportation apps like Grab, Google Maps, and Waze
  • GoSELL10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for online selling platforms and social apps
  • GoLEARN10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for educational content on YouTube Learning, Udemy, Google Suite, and more
  • GoWORK10: ₱10 for 1GB bonus for work-related apps like Zoom, Yahoo! Mail, MS Teams, and more

You can avail of GoBOOSTER addons as long as your Go90 promo is active for only 10 pesos per day. Automatically renew your promo registration after every 7-day expiry using GoRENEW. Make sure you have enough load based on your current subscription and only one GoRENEW subscription can be purchased at a time.

For cheaper options, try Globe Go50 or get more data with Go120.

To check and monitor your remaining data balance just login to your GlobeOne app, then look for data allowance on your dashboard.