Globe Go120 - 10GB Data + Unli All-net Texts, Unli Call for 7 Days

The G0120 from Globe gives you 10GB of data for 7 days with unlimited texts to all and unli calls to Globe/TM plus 1GB GoWiFi access.
The new GO120 from Globe gives you additional 2GB from the cheaper GO90 and they added the unli-call for the price of 120 pesos. This may be the best offer to those who wants to get unlimited calls to Globe and TM subscribers for their personal needs or business purposes. You have a total of 10GB consumable open access data, unlimited texts to all networks, unlicalls plus the 2GB GoWiFi accesss.

Globe Go120 Promo Registration

You can subscribe to this promo via GlobeOne app. You can check the mechanics below for your reference.
Promo description:
  • 10GB data for all sites
  • Unlimited calls to Globe and TM
  • Unli-text to all networks
  • 2GB GoWiFi 
  • Only 120 pesos
  • Valid for 7 days
How to Register:
  1. Download and install GlobeOne app via PlayStore, AppGallery and Apple App Store.
  2. Register your prepaid mobile number.
  3. Reload your prepaid account with Php120.00 regular load.
  4. Login to GlobeOne app to open dashboard.
  5. Go to Promos tab.
  6. Scroll or browse then look for Go120 promo.
  7. Tap Subscribe to register.
  8. Wait for the SMS confirmation for Globe 8080.
Cheaper option, try GO90 promo or get 11GB with Go140.

To check and monitor your remaining data balance just login to your GlobeOne app, then look for data allowance on your dashboard.