TNT AT20: All Out 20 - Unli-text to all Networks, 15MB + 20mins Call

Enjoy unlimited text to all networks with TNT AT20, also known as All Out 20 plus 20 minute call and 15MB of mobile data.
TNT now offers the Smart AT20 promo under the name of All Out 20. It gives unlimited text to all networks for a worry free texting all day and night for only 20 pesos. You can also enjoy 20 minutes call that you can use to contact friends who are using Talk N Text, Smart and Sun Cellular SIM card. It also includes 15MB of data that you can use to access internet using your mobile phone.
The validity of this offer is only 1 day, but you have other options to choose other TNT promos with the same price of 20 pesos.

How to Register TNT AT20 – All Out 20 Promo

You just need to reload your TNT prepaid account with Php20.00 regular load at your nearest retailer. Send the correct keyword by following the correct format provided below as your reference.

Just text AT20 then send to 4545.
Promo description:
  • Unlitexts to all networks
  • 15MB data
  • 20mins call to Smart/TNT/Sun
  • Only 20 pesos
  • Valid for 1 day

After successfully texting the keyword, wait for the confirmation from TNT before you start using the promo to avoid the unwanted load deduction on your account. To call, just directly dial the 11-digit mobile number of the person you are trying to call. For data usage, just turn on your mobile data and use the correct TNT APN to use the internet without connection problems.