Talk N Text UT20 3 days Unlimited Tri-Net SMS + 100 Mins. Call

You can enjoy unlimited texting plus calls for 3 days with TNT (Talk n Text) UT20 promo for only 20 pesos.
Here’s another promo from Talk N Text prepaid that you might not know, aside from UAT15 you can get unlimited text for 3 days with TNT when you register to UT20 promo.
It gives you unli-texting to your friends on Smart, TNT and Sun Cellular network so you’re always connected even if they are using other SIM cards. Not just that, you can also send SMS to Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers as this promo gives you additional free 50 all-net texts.

There’s more with TNT UT20, you can also connect to your special contacts by calling them as this promo gives you 100 minutes of voice consumable for 3 days. Dial the mobile number of the person you are trying to call, then start your conversation. You can monitor the number of minutes used and left by checking your mobile call logs.
Talk N Text UT20

How to Register TNT UT20 – 20 Pesos 3 Days Unlitext Promo

To register, you need to reload your Talk N Text account amounting to 20 pesos or you can ask your load retailer if UT 20 is available on their SIM menu then asking them to load it your mobile number directly. If you want to register via SMS, just compose a message and use the keyword, then send to access code number given.

Just text UT20 send to 3545

Unlimited TRI-Net texts (Smart, TNT, Sun)
50 texts to all networks
100 Minutes call to Smart Tri-network
Price: 20 pesos
Validity:  3 days

After sending the keyword, wait for the SMS confirmation that says you are already registered to this UT20 and ready to use.  This is to avoid unwanted regular load charges as sometimes you may experience delays on promo registration.