TNT U20 – 3 Days Unlitext + Calls to Smart/TNT/Sun for only 20 Pesos

With Talk N Text U20, you have unlitexts + 20 minutes call to TNT/Smart/ Sun Cellular + 50 SMS to all networks for only 20 pesos.
Looking for textmates using TNT prepaid SIM? You can easily find your soul mates with the new Talk N Text U20 promo. It gives you unlimited texts that you can use to connect with your friends and stay connected with them thru SMS.  For only 20 pesos, you already have 3 days unlitexts to Smart, Sun Cellular and TNT plus consumable calls.
It also gives you additional 50 all-net texts that you can use if ever you have an emergency message to send to other networks. The main package of this offer is the unli-texting to TNT subscribers, but they still manage to add consumable services like 20-minute call and limited texts to all networks.

How to Register Talk N Text U20 Promo

You have many options to avail and subscribe this promotion and the quickest way is via SMS using the promo code or keyword. 

Just text U20 then send to 4545.

Promo nameTNT U20
Voice20 minutes call to Smart/TNT/Sun
TextUnlitexts to Smart/TNT/Sun and 50 SMS to all networks
Validity3 days
Send to4545

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You will receive an SMS notification from TNT after you successfully text the SMS keyword. To call, just dial the 11-digit mobile number of the person you are trying to contact.