TNT Sakloload Promo - Borrow Load for Emergency Text

Need emergency load? Talk N Text (TNT) lets you borrow load to send important text message to Smart and to all networks by using the keyword provided.
SOS text load for Talk N Text? Try Sakloload promo, you avail this service using your TNT SIM card in times of emergency.
This lets you borrow a load that you can use to text and send important message to your loved ones. This is a free and you don’t need to reload your account the time you use this emergency service.  Talk N Text will deduct the amount you use in Sakloload on your next reload so you don’t need to rush at your nearest loading station after you consume the load.
TNT Sakloload
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How to Use TNT Sakloload

You can use these to text Smart/TNT users and even for other networks also. Select emergency load you want to avail by following the code provided below.

Borrow 4 emergency texts to TNT or SMART

Just dial *767
Validity: 1 day
Amount: 4 pesos

Borrow 5 texts to ALL NETWORKS

Just dial *7572
Validity: 1 day
Amount: 5 pesos

Borrow 9 emergency texts to Talk N Text or SMART

Validity: 1 day
Amount: 7 pesos

Borrow 10 texts to All Networks (Globe, TM, Sun, ABS CBN Mobile) and 3 texts to TNT or SMART

Validity: 1 day
Amount: 10 pesos

Update as of March 2019:

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That’s it guys, share if it helps. You can visit TNT website for updated code or keyword on this SakloLoad promo.