Smart UCT600 - 2GB Data, Unlitext to All, Unli Tri-Net Calls for 60 Days

Get unlimited call and unlitexts to all with Smart UCT600 promo plus 2GB of data to access select apps up to 60 days for only 600 pesos.
Why not try the new Smart UCT600 promo? Aside from the long time validity period and one-time registration, it also gives you call, text and data all in one offer. You’ll get unlimited texts to all networks that you can use to exchange SMS with your friends who are using other telco prepaid SIM cards. It also gives you unli calls to Smart, Sun Cellar and Talk N Text (TNT).
Not just that, you can also enjoy 2GB of data that you can use to access mobile apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp. All of the services are valid up to 60 days or 2 months for only 600 pesos load amount.

How to Register Smart UCT 600 Promo

It’s very quick and easy to subscribe with Smart UCT600, just reload your Smart Prepaid account with Php600.00 then use the keyword or code to register.
Just text UCT600 then send to 9999.

Promo nameSmart UCT 600
Data2GB Data for FB Messenger, Viber and WhatsApp
VoiceUnli calls Smart/Sun/TNT
TextUnlitext to all networks
Validity60 day
Send to9999

Now with FREE YOUTUBE for 60 days up to 1 hour (1GB/day)*. Also available in 30 days subscription with Smart UCT350 promo.

After a successful registration, Smart gives you a welcome message that says you’re now registered to UCT 600 promo including the bundled services. For more details and updates, you can text UCTHELP then send to 9999.