Smart UCT350 - Unli All Networks Texts and TRINET Call for 30 days

Smart prepaid UCT350 promo gives you unli tri-network calls, unlimited all net texts and one month 1GB internet data all in for only 350 pesos.

Here’s one of the affordable promo from Smart prepaid where you can enjoy unlimited text to all networks and unli Tri-net calls (Sun Cellular, Talk N Text and Smart) good for 1 month.

The new UCT350 only cost you 350 pesos for 30 days plus you also get 1GB of internet data and access to Messenger and WhatsApp mobile apps. Just follow below mechanics if you want to register to this promo.

Smart UCT350
Avail 30 days unli trinet calls and all net texts with Smart UCT350

Smart UCT350 Promo

The new Smart UCT350 now with complete combo bundles from calls, texts and data that you can use for 30 days. You now have data access to FB Messenger, WhatsApp so you can connect to your love ones, family and friends.

How to Register Smart UCT350

Via SMS:

Just text UCT350 to 9999

Via USSD code *132#

Just dial *123#. Select Other Offers then choose UCT.

Just select option listed under UCT with amount of 350 pesos. Just make sure you have enough balance before you proceed to this transaction.

Promo description:

  • Unli call to Sun, Smart and TNT
  • Unlimited text to all networks
  • 1GB of data for FB, Messenger, WhatsApp
  • Promo validity is up to 30 days
  • Only 350 pesos

Also available in UCT200, a way much cheaper option.

How to Load Via Retailer

Just text UCT350 (space) 11-digit customer mobile number then send to 343.

Once registration is successful you will receive a SMS reply from Smart saying that your UCT350 promo is already active and ready to use.


  1. What to dial to access the call service?

  2. Anonymous7/04/2016

    If you are registered with UCT350, just dial the 11-digit mobile number directly. This is similar to UNLI600 promo. Promo for UCT350 ends by September 30, 2016.

  3. every time I make calls it ends right away.. ever since I started this promo, usually every night..

  4. This is a great deal but sometimes poor service.

  5. Anonymous10/16/2016

    may free viber ba ito in 1 month?

  6. how to call pldt numbers?

    1. Anonymous3/01/2017

      type the area code + telephone number

      example: 02- 400-0000

  7. I have registered to UCT350 and dialed 2 PLDT numbers... my load was deducted.... i think this promo is advertising wrong info :(


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