Smart FREE YouTube - up to 1 hour / 1GB Data per Day on select Promos

Smart gives free internet access to YouTube for up to 1 hour or 1GB data per day on select prepaid promos.
You can now watch your favorite music videos, tutorials and reviews every day with Smart’s latest promo that gives free YouTube promo access. Enjoy up to 1 hour of streaming daily with 1GB of data allocation when you register to select prepaid promos. You don’t have to spend an additional amount of money if you want to stream online with YouTube.
No need for you to hesitate and explore possibility with this new offer from Smart Prepaid.
Smart Free YouTube

How to Register Smart Free YouTube Promos

Smart Communications Inc., in partnership with Google gives you free access to all videos in YouTube until July 15, 2018 (extended up to July 31). 
Here’s the list of promos that you can register to get free YouTube every day for 2019.

GIGA501GB data, 300MB for apps + unlitexts to all networks3 days
GIGA992GB data + Unlitexts to all-net7 days
ALLOUT30300MB,100MB/day FB, Unli texts to all, 30 Minutes call to Smart, Sun and TNT2 days
ALLOUT991GB data + 100MB/day Facebook, Unli all-net, 100 mins. tri-net call7 days

Update: Update now offers free YouTube only to Gigasurf and Gigasurf Plus promos.

After you receive the SMS notification from Smart that says your registration is successful, you can start using the YouTube app or website right away. The longer the validity the more time to enjoy watching videos. Your free access renews every 12 midnight until the expiry date of your promo.