TNT LTE Internet Promo – Surfing from 1 up to 30 Days Validity

Register to Talk N Text LTE internet promo to enjoy fast browsing speed with your 4G/LTE ready device and location.
If you are using the new Talk N Text LTE SIM, you can now enjoy faster internet browsing speed when you subscribe to one of their data promos. They have so many options that you can avail from (1) one, 7 up to 30 days validity depending on your budget. From the starting price of Php10.00, 20, 50 up to 999 pesos. You can use these surf promos with your LTE smartphone, pocket Wi-Fi, tablet, computer or desktop and other cellular internet capable device.
They also offer exclusive bundles that you can register if you prefer app only internet access. Others are combination of call, text and data, also known as combo promos.

List of Talk N Text LTE Internet Promos

Using your TNT LTE prepaid SIM, you need to reload your account at your nearest loading kiosk and retailer with the price of promo you want to subscribe. If you are still not using LTE SIM, you can go for their free LTE SIM upgrade by visiting at your nearest Smart Store. They also offer 4G/LTE capable SIM cards for only 30 pesos.

TNT LTE Promos
SURFMAX50Unli data with 800MB daily limit for 50 pesos1 day
SURFMAX299Internet access to all websites, apps and more for 299 pesos7 days
GAANSURF10P10.00 for 50MB data + 100MB app access (*YouTube, Mobile Legends & FB)1 day
GAANSURF15P15.00 for 100MB data + 100MB app access*2 days
GAANSURF20P20 for 200MB data + 100MB app access*3 days
GAANSURF30P30 for 300MB data + 200MB app access*5 days
GAANSURF50P50 for 500MB data + 200MB app access*7 days
GAANSURF1501.5GB data + 750MB data app access*30 days
ALLDAY10Up to 100MB except video streaming and downloading1 day
ALLDAY20All day internet access except video streaming and downloading1 day
ALLDAY30Up to 500MB per day except video streaming and downloading2 days
PDATA30Panalo Data 30 pesos for 500MB open access data2 days
PDATA60Panalo Data 60 pesos for 1GB open access data + unlitext to all5 days
GIGA501GB data, 300MB for YouTube, Unlimited texts to all networks for P50.003 days
ALLOUT30300MB data, Unli FB(no FUP), Unli all-net SMS, 30mins call for 2 days2 days

For 10 pesos for 3 days, you can check out TNT Babad Apps bundles and select you preferred mobile applications to register. Do note that they already imposed a 200MB per day data limit to all apps included in the list.

To register:
Just text the keyword and send to 4545
Example: SURFMAX50 send to 4545

Using above promos also requires your location to be in the coverage of Smart/TNT LTE cellular network and towers. If ever your location is not yet LTE ready, you can still get highest network signal available on your area e.g.  H+, HSUPA, HSDPA, 3G and other types.