TNT PDATA30 – Panalo Data 30 Pesos Internet Promo + Free Facebook

Register to Talk N Text Panalo Data 30 or PDATA30 promo that gives you 500MB and free Facebook access (200MB per day) for 2 days.
Another internet package offers that you can avail if you're a prepaid Talk N Text prepaid subscribers is the new Panalo Data promo. With your 30 pesos, you can now browse to the internet and access your favorite social media sites and app for 2 days. The TNT PDATA30 only gives you 500MB consumable data for 2 days that you can use to access all websites and apps.
Aside from that, it also include frees Facebook and FB messenger access for up to 200MB per day. Yes it is only limited and will renew after 12 midnight, so you can enjoy another 200MB on the second day. This is best for light data users and Facebook lovers who knows how to control their usage.
Talk N Text Panalo Data 30

How to Register Talk N Text PDATA 30 or Panalo Data

You can subscribe this promo via SMS text. All you need to do is reload your TNT prepaid SIM card or account with 30 pesos and your good to register with PDATA 30 data bundle.

Just text PDATA30 send to 4545

Promo description:
500MB data to all sites 
Facebook and FB Messenger app access (up to 200MB data/day) 
Validity: 2 days
Amount: 30 pesos

Also available in PDATA60, if you want to extend the validity up to 5 days, you can subscribe to Panalo data 60 with 1GB of data plus unlimited texts to all networks.

Make sure you already installed Facebook and Messenger app on your Android and iOS phone to utilize the full 500MB data allocation of this promo. If not, you need to download and install the application first on the app store to use the bundled 200MB data access.

How to use Facebook and Messenger?
Just turn on your mobile data and open the app to start using the internet. Make sure you disable the auto-update on your phone apps to avoid unwanted data consumption.

What you can do with 500MB in PDATA 30?
You can only do limited web browsing, send emails, access social media sites and other online activity. 

Here is an estimated figure on how much data is consumed on your online activities:
6MB = 3 minutes of video streaming
4MB = 1 app/game/song download
1.5MB = 3 minutes of music streaming
1MB = 1 website page
350KB = 1 social media post (with photo)
300KB = 1 email (with attachment)
20KB = 1 email (text only)

Do note that the above estimated computation may vary by device. You have the control to monitor your data usage based on your actual activity. You can also register PANALO DATA 30 - Online if you have active internet connection on your phone.