TNT P40 – 40 Pesos 7 Days Unli Text to All Networks + Unli Tri-net Call

Talk N Text offers Panalo promo P40 with unlimited text to all networks and unli call to Smart, Sun and TNT for only 40 pesos valid for 7 days.
If you’re looking for a very affordable unlimited call and text offer from Talk N Text, try out their P40 promo. 
You can enjoy up to 7 days unli-call to three networks (TNT, Smart and Sun Cellular) plus the unlimited text to all networks for 40 pesos. If you’re a student and you have limited communication allowance, you better try TNT SIM and register to this package. Without a doubt this is the cheapest calling and texting offer that last for the whole week.
We don’t know if this is a nationwide offer, you can comment below if TNT P40 is working at your location. If you’re a long time TNT subscriber and load retailer I’m sure you already know this offer.

How to Register Talk N Text P40 or PANALO 40 Promo

Promo subscription can be done through SMS keyword or you can request to your load retailer to directly load P40 to your prepaid account. 
Via SMS:
Just text P40 send to 3545

Retailer or Smart Load Menu:
Just text P40 space 11-digit subscriber mobile number send to 4540
Promo description:
Unli all net texts
Unlimited TRINET call (Sun/Smart/TNT)
Validity: 7 days
Amount: 40 Pesos

You can also try TNT Gaan Text to all networks for 10 and 20 pesos.

Note: Wait for the SMS notification after sending the keyword before you can start using the promo. If you cannot register via SMS, just use the retailer registration method to register TNT P40. Before you register make sure you double check this offer by asking a friend who already tried this PANALO 40 promo or you can visit Talk N Text website for availability and updates. 



  2. is this promo P40 available in cebu city?

  3. With P40 ...u can avail the unlitext and unlicall for 7 days...but with calls,there is a limit calls allowed for 24 hours...may i know how many calls allowed for the day? So we can monitor until how many calls only for the day....thanks fir any reply...

  4. Is this promo P40 available in iloilo city??

  5. is this promo is available in iloilo city???

  6. Pwede ba to sa Ormoc area?

  7. I tried loading p40 and p150 in cebu hindi na load...

  8. Mindanao po. Bakit hindi po ako maka send sa p40 -3545 ? Ayaw mag send e

  9. Available ba to sa Catanduanes?

  10. Anonymous11/19/2019

    I tried in Mindanao said location not allowed ...anyone here nka try nito ..anong lugar lang ang pwede..salamat!

  11. i tried the promo but TNT replied it is no longer available, is this true

  12. Anonymous6/24/2021

    Naka p40 ako pero parang may limit eh., cguro 5x ako naka gamit ng call after that hindi na siya active sasabihin ng operator hindi na sapat ang load ko eh naka p40 nmn ako. Pagka bukas gagana ulit.


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