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Talk N Text (TNT) Surf Promo and Unli Data Bundles

You can register to TNT surf promo offers from 1 day, 7 days or 1 week, 1-month and unli data app access of your choice.
Talk n Text offers lot of surf promos that you can register using your mobile phone, broadband and pocket Wi-Fi. You’ll also have an option to choose for a specific app, then sub…
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Talk n Text offers lot of surf promos that you can register using your mobile phone, broadband and pocket Wi-Fi.
You’ll also have an option to choose for a specific app, then subscribe it for an internet access. Specify your desired number of days e.g. 1, 2, 3 days, 1 week and even 30 days or 1 month subscription for internet promo. Just load your TNT prepaid SIM card and select any of the listed promos below.

TNT Surf Promo

List of TNT Surf Promos

SurfMax - this is the replacement for their previous unlisurf promo, Surfmax only gives your 800MB per day data or bandwidth allocation. Though this is unlimited, but once you reach 800MB, connectivity will reduce to slower browsing speed.
SURFMAX50 send to 4545 50 pesos for 1 day
SURFMAX299 send to 4545299 pesos for 7 days
SURFMAX999 send to 4545999 pesos for 30 days surfing

Big Bytes – offers limited MB’s of data depending on your budget and usage. It also gives you free app content e.g. Spinnr and iFlix.
BIG15 send to 454540MB Internet plus free 300MB data for Spinnr
BIG10 send to 454540MB Internet plus free 200MB data iFlix and Spinnr
BIG50 send to 4545350MB Internet plus free 600MB data for iFlix and Spinnr
PDATA30 send to 4545500MB open access plus free 200MB/day data for FB and Messenger

Always ON – internet promo offers that gives you combo for text to Sun, Smart and TNT plus limited data for 1 day.

ON20 send to 454545MB of data plus 20 TRINET texts
ON30 send to 454570MB data plus 30 tri-network texts

TNT Babad Apps internet bundles – lets your register surf promo per app e.g. social media, games and entertainment.  Just select one below and register to your desired app bundle.
FB10 send to 4545unlimited Facebook for 3 days only 10 pesos
FB5 send to 5555unlimited FB access only 5 pesos valid for 1 day
FB2 send to 4545unli FB for 2 pesos good for 1 day
FB send to 211unlimited FB using Facebook Mobile App
COC10 send to 4545unlimited Clash of Clans access for 10 pesos
COC5 send to 4545unlimited COC for 1 day only 5 pesos
TWITTER10 send to 4545unlimited Twitter app access for 3 days at P10
TWITTER5 send to 4545unli Twitter for 1 day only 5 pesos
TWITTER2 send to 4545unli Twitter, add on to selected TNT call and text promos
YOUTUBE10 send to 4545100MB/day YouTube internet access for 10 pesos valid for 3 days
YOUTUBE5 send to 4545100MB/day YouTube for 1 day at P5
VIBER10 send to 4545 Unlimited Viber for 3 days only 10 pesos
VIBER5 send to 4545unli Viber for 1 day only P5
WATTPAD5 send to 4545 1 day unlimited Wattpad app for 5 pesos
WATTPAD10 send to 4545 3 days access for 10 pesos
WECHAT5 send to 4545 1 day Unli Wechat app use for 5 pesos
WECHAT10 send to 4545 3 days unlimited Wechat only P10
CR5 send to 4545 1 day Clash Royale game access for 5 pesos
CR10 send to 4545 10 pesos Clash Royale for 3 days
IG5 send to 4545 1 day Instagram access for 5 pesos
IG10 send to 4545 3 days Instagram app browsing and use for 10 pesos
BOOMBEACH5 send to 4545 1 days Boom Beach playing for 5 pesos
BOOMBEACH10 send to 4545 3 days Boom Beach game access for 10 pesos
GOOGLE5 send to 4545 Google browsing for 1 day only 5 pesos
GOOGLE10 send to 4545 Unlimited access to Google for 3 days at P10
ML10 send to 4545 Mobile Legends access for 3 days at P10

Gaansurf - budget internet promo for those who wants longer validity and cheaper price. It also includes app access on YouTube, Facebook and Mobile Legends.
GAANSURF15100MB + 100MB app access for 2 days
GAANSURF30300MB + 200MB app access for 5 days
GAANSURF50500MB + 200MB select apps valid for 7 days
GAANSURF1501.5GB + 750MB select apps valid for 30 days
With have updated above list of Talk N Text internet promo for 2017, if you’re having problem during registration, browsing and other queries please visit their website, social media pages or call their hotline.


Unknown said…
Hi TNT! i would like to request that if ever could you please add the mobile legends in the promo of BABAD APPS. THank you!
Unknown said…
HELLO Tnt i would like to request to add also Toram online for BABAD APPS..its a good game though.
Unknown said…
Add mobile legends please.
Unknown said…
how to stop a promo?
Unknown said…
Already added. ML10 send to 4545
Unknown said…
i am loooking for 1G of data for 7 days ???
Unknown said…
Looking for a Pokémon go promo
Unknown said…
Me too i cant find it
Unknown said…
Heroes of sky for 3days please 😁
Unknown said…
Unlimited YouTube Sana meron
Unknown said…
Looking for Total Conquest promo please.

Unknown said…
Can u add heroes evolve in your babad promo's
also add the game Lords Mobile
Unknown said…
Add last day on earth
Unknown said…
unlimited internet please na mura
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
Guyz pano mag re nang tnt unli txt den uli fb (video call) good for 5/6/7days sana
Unknown said…
Unli txt and internet good for 5/6/7 (video call for fb)