TM P5 Promo – Free Facebook and Unli Text to All Network for 1 Day

Register to Touch Mobile P5 promo to get free Facebook and unlimited text to all networks for 1 day plus free call for only 5 pesos.
You want Facebook on Touch Mobile or TM Promo? Aside from their A20 or ALLIN 20 with Free FB, you can still register to P5 promo for only 5 pesos.
This gives you unlimited text to all networks and 5 minute call to TM. While you are registered to TM P5 you can enjoy free FB access using your smartphone. All you need to do is turn on your mobile data, open your Facebook app, then start browsing feeds and update on your timeline.
TM P5 Promo

How to Register TM P5 Promo with Free FB

You can register by texting the correct keyword format and send to TM access number. Load your prepaid SIM then send the code and wait for the confirmation message.

Just text P5 send to 2772 or 8080

Unlitext to all networks
5 minutes call to TM
Free FB
Valid for 1 day
Amount: 5 pesos

This promo is limited and I think it’s not available to all TM subscribers. This works in Mindanao area, but if you’re from another location in the Philippines you can try and comment below if this P5 promo is working on your side. Please let us know also if this can be avail TM EXTEND service.


  1. This promo is working until now. I am using the promo now :D Great

  2. Anonymous2/19/2017

    Yes, it can be extended!

    1. Anonymous2/20/2017

      how to extend this promo?

  3. I tried it just now and it's still working here in Gensan. Thanks for posting :)

  4. Gumagana pa rin siya kaso hindi FB yung free kundi COC

  5. Meron na bang P5 ulit
    Kasi mas tipid yun


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