Smart UCT100 - Unli Call, Text to All Networks, FB and Data for 7 Days

Smart UCT100 lets you enjoy unli texts to all and calls to TNT/Smart/Sun Cellular, Facebook and data for only 100 pesos.

Have you tried  Smart UCT100? Are you looking to register for unlimited text to all networks and unli call promoThis new Smart prepaid promo lets you enjoy 1 week calling and texting for only 100 pesos. Yes its 7 days or one week of calls and texts plus 500MB of internet plus the data that you can use to access to Facebook and WhatsApp. You can spend it on posting Facebook photos, status and reading news feed. No need for you to register another promo when you use Smart UCT100 as it already covers all your needs from voice, text and even mobile internet surfing.

Smart UCT100
Jasmine Curtis on Smart UCT 100 promo

How to Register Smart UCT100 Promo

To register or subscribe, just text UCT100 to 9999


  • Unlimited calls to Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk N Text
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • 500MB data
  • Access to Facebook and WhatsApp
  • Only 100 pesos
  • 7 days validity

See also: Smart UCT350 for 30 days validity for unli call, texts plus Facebook and consumable data.

What’s good with this promo is that you can call your friends and love ones on Smart, Sun and TNT subscribers plus you can also texts them anytime you want without worrying what network they are using. This promo is still available as of 2019, you can visit Smart website for latest new s and update of this promo.


  1. how to use Smart UCT100 7 days Unlimited Call and Text to All Networks Promo?

  2. Anonymous6/21/2016

    How can i use its call?

  3. To call, dial *6406 + 11 digit number
    Ex: *640609191234567

  4. Available for this year 2019?

  5. Anonymous12/20/2019

    Unlicall daw pero load balance ang ginagamit. Tapos kapag ubos na, di ka na makakatawag. What kind of service is that? Niloloko nyo lang mga tao. My gf has the same sentiment. Nagload siya ng unlicall tapos "temporarily suspended" siya. Nasan ang unli doon? Don't make such promo if bogus naman. Sayang yung niload kung di rin naman pala magagamit. Trash.


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