Unli Call Promo for Smart – 20, 30, 50, 100, 350 up to 500 Pesos

Find your favorite unli-call promo from Smart based on your budget. From 20 to 500 pesos with up to 30 days validity.
Calling to a Smart subscriber without registering for any unli-call promo is very costly. The good thing that our local Telco offers unlimited calling promo at very affordable price to cater our communication needs. If you are using Smart network, you can choose from their list prepaid call promo package depending on your budget. You also have better options to choose from one-day up to 30 days validity period. 
Another good thing with Smart unlimited call promo is that it mostly includes unli or limited text and additional consumable data for mobile internet access.
Smart Unli Call Promo

List of Smart Prepaid Unli Call Promos

We list down all your favorite Smart call bundles for you to compare each promo before you decide to register. If you want to reload your account on one of the promo below, we include the keyword and format if you decide to subscribe via text.

Note: Send the keyword to 9999.
Example format: UCT350 send to 9999.

Unli Call Promo
Name / KeywordDescriptionAmount in Pesos
UNLI20Unlimited calls to calls to SMART/TNT, 20 all-net text, free Viber & FB for 1 day20.00
UCT25Unli call and SMS texts to all + FB and Viber for 1 day25.00
UNLI30Unli calls to SMART/TNT/SUN, all net texts, 100MB Data, Spinnr for 1 day 30.00
UCT50Unli calls to SMART/TNT/SUN, 5 PLDT landline,SMS to all networks, 50MB data for 3 days200.00
UCT100Unli calls to SMART/TNT/SUN,SMS to all networks, 150MB data for 7 days100.00
UCT350Unli calls to SMART/TNT/SUN,SMS to all networks,500MB data for 30 days350.00
TALK100Unli On-Net Calls, 30 MB of data for 5 days100.00
TALK200Unlimited SMART Voice Calls valid for 30 days200.00
TALK500(Smartalk)Unlimited calls to Smart/TNT for 30 days500.00

How to call?
Just directly dial the mobile number (ex. 0928-XXXXXXX) of the person you are trying to call.

See new Smart Giga Allnet Data + Unlimited call and texts to All Networks promo.

You can also register above promos directly from your Smart load retailer, just tell the name of the unli call promo then they will be the one to process the registration. All you have to do is give your number, then wait of the SMS notification before you start using your unlimited call promo.