March 19, 2016

How To Share or Pasaload using Talk N Text (TNT) Sim

You can share a load anytime if you’re a Talk N Text prepaid and postpaid subscriber using their Pasaload service..
In just a few minutes your friends and love ones can now receive the pasaload amount you transfer to their mobile number. As long as you have enough load on your TNT account you’re allowed to proceed and send amount you want to share. Every successful transaction is chargeable with P1 regardless how much amount of pasaload.

TNT Pasaload
TNT Pasaload format

How to Pasaload in TNT Format

  1. On your phone, just text pasaload recepient’s number (space) amount you want share and send to 808

Example text format:

09191234567 10 send to 808

You can also share MB of your data promo with TNT Pasadata.

After successful load transfer transaction sender receive a text notification telling you that particular amount received. The same goes with the load sender; you will also receive a message saying that you successfully did a pasaload transaction.

You can share a load for as low as 2 pesos to any number you know. If you’re out of load, you can also try TNT ask a load emergency service via Sakloload promo. Feel free to drop a comment and share if it helps you. For updates on above mechanics you can visit TNT website and social media pages.


  1. Anonymous12/05/2019

    i try to pasaload the amount i received from someone but it's unable to process. did the load i received from pasaload cannot pasaload to other????

  2. it's not helpful i want to share a load to my friend and it didn't work, what to do?