January 1, 2018

Updated SSS Contribution Table for 2018

Since it is a new year, we have updated the Social Security System or SSS contribution table for 2018 so that employees, employers, OFW’s and members are aware of the monthly payments. This is very important to the person in-charge or the one who handles the company reporting of the contribution to SSS. You can print this out and stick it on your office desk to serve as your quick reference every time you need to check the schedule for R3 reporting.
The maximum monthly salary credit is still the same at Php16,000.00 for employer-employee, self-employed, voluntary members and overseas Filipino workers. 

Social Security System Contribution Table

  • Here is the label to avoid confusions on below SSS table. 
  • Range of compensation – your monthly salary bracket/range
  • Monthly salary credit – your monthly salary
  • ER – Employer
  • EE – Employee
  • SE/VM/OFW – Self-employed, Voluntary members, Overseas Filipino Workers
For those who want to view their monthly premiums paid online, you need to Register SSS account for Online Inquiry for Contributions.
You can download the file, then save it to your computer. For those who want a PDF copy or excel format you can easily convert the file using Adobe Acrobat reader or other online software converter.
SSS Contribution Table
SSS Employer - Employee total contribution (Click image to zoom)

For SE/VM/OFW's:
SSS contribution table 2018
SE/VM/OFW monthly contribution table (Click to zoom details)

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You can still visit your nearest SSS branch for confirmation or call their hotline /toll free for other inquiries regarding monthly contribution.

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