Saturday, August 3, 2013

Register SSS account for Online Inquiry of Contribution, Loan, Balance and Premium Payments

If you’re looking to how to register SSS Philippines account online for premium payments checking balance, salary loans and number of months contribution made this post may help you with only few steps. You can easily inquire and see and your SSS contribution, just sign up to to create an online account. This service is available on member, self employed and employer giving you a hassle free inquiry without calling SSS (Social Security System) hotline. You can also see details on how many months payed and to know if you are qualified to avail SSS loan.

How to create an SSS account for online inquiry?

1. Go to, then go to My.SSS tab then select Register on drop down menu ( You can also directly click “Sign Up as A Member”

SSS Sign Up as a Member or Employer
SSS Sign Up as a Member or Employer and login page

2. If you use My.SSS tab, tick “Member” button then click Submit. (For employer tick Employer)

3. Next is to fill up the Online Member User ID Registration. Fill up with the correct details like SS Number, First Name, Middle, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email Address.  (To fill the page correctly, look for your SSS E-1 form Personal Record. (I would suggest using an active Yahoo email account as indicated on SSS website)

SSS Online Member User ID Registration
Fill up with correct details base on E-1 form from SSS

4. After filling up all the required fields, don’t forget to enter the code shown on the ox before clicking “Submit

5. You need to know your company or employer’s SSS ID, and you need to create a preferred User ID (make easy for you easily remember every time you login)

6. Go to your Yahoo mail inbox (or other email you use), this is the email address you input upon registration on step no. 3.

7. Once you got the email for SSS for your password and confirmation, you can now go to SSS and login screen and log your account.

That’s it guys you can now inquire SSS online, if you want more easier way to inquire SSS you can use their Text Inquiry.


  1. Anonymous4/02/2014

    Sss web is down? I cant log in or its transfered to another site hope somebody can guide me here i want to update my loan only

  2. Anonymous6/19/2014

    Goodmorning.. how to register to have a sss number im a student i want a to have a sss number thanks

  3. Anonymous7/09/2014

    *CRN / SS Number: * Invalid CRN / SS Number. _ this appears whenever i put my SS Number, I can't register

    1. Anonymous9/14/2014

      U will have to ask from them

  4. Anonymous7/26/2014

    tried soooo many times to register, but it didn't work. all the data are correct and yet it says there CRN number is invalid

    1. Anonymous9/14/2014

      Same with me, but I solved it by asking from the SSS office. They will be the one to give that number


  6. Anonymous8/19/2014

    TO SSS MIS PERSONNEL: your online registration doesnt work!!!!! fuckkkkk
    fix it before i report it!! thanks